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20+ Best African Fonts That Have A Wild & Tribal Look

We are aware that almost every occasion has a design and similarly there are various font designs available to illustrate any kind of theme you are working on. Now if you want to give your project that traditional, strong African vibe, know that many African fonts will add that touch and make it more appealing. 

Therefore, in this article, we have collected some best African fonts and listed them out to make your task of deciding the best font suitable for your work. Without any more delay, let us get started. 

Best African Fonts

Below is a  list of some best African fonts that you can check out.

1. Johari

Best African Fonts

Johari as the name suggests is one of the best African fonts and is certainly inspired by African culture. If you want to reflect the nature and tradition of Africa in your project. 

Initially, they drew the basic elements getting inspired by the Blank Panther movie and later enhanced them. The font file includes all the letters and numerals. 

2. Hamburg Hand

Best African Fonts

This is another nice font among the best African fonts, this one is like many other fonts inspired by German signage and several specimens of the old type. Hamburg Hand is a pretty good font if you are into logo designing and unique design layouts that you want to make maybe. 

You will get all the lowercase and uppercase letters and have 3 variations: light, regular, and bold.

3. Aurochs

Best African Fonts

And the third one on this list is Aurochs. This font is suitable for display purposes and has six weights. It is encouraged by woodblock prints and vintage letterpress. 

It shows how letters are handmade, jumbled, and styled in a controlled way. Moreover, it includes all capital letters, has three weights and 2 variations for each (light, regular, heavy), and desktop and Webfont versions with all numerals and punctuations. 

4. Officially Funky

Best African Fonts

Officially Funky as the name suggests is a unique and creative font and if you want to create something that is both modern and nostalgic then this font can help you out with that. 

This font offers all the letters, punctuations, numerals, and 45 ligatures in a Sans Serif font and also a web font kit. It is a sans serif font that is a 2-in-1 font to make your project unique. 

5. The Dotted Zebra Tribal Display Font

Best African Fonts

Okay, this font is among the best African fonts giving us certain vibes of zebras and tribal groups. If you are doing a project on something like that this claims the best. It has all the geometric patterns and you will get around 26 letters and the basic punctuations along with numbers and currency symbols. 

It is best suitable for greeting cards, sale brochures, lettering posters, book covers, packaging, etc. 

6. Mutapa Font

Best African Fonts

This is another display font that you can deem among the best African fonts. This font is available with OpenType features that will make it easy for you to create unique patterns of African and make layouts interesting. This font is great for logo design, stickers, posters, and titles.

You will get customizable patterns and OTF, TTF, web fonts, and also the ligatures and alternate characters. 

7. Afolkalips

Best African Fonts

This is also a display font and gives your work all the tribal vibes like one of the above ones. Inspired by tribal ornaments, and wood shapes this font is best for headlines and displaying something traditional. 

It is a minimalistic, joyful font, and the swashes give a better tribal look. You will get uppercase and lowercase, numbers, punctuations, symbols, ligatures, and accents. 

8. Zumba Tribal Font Family

Best African Fonts

Again a great one among the best African fonts is Zumba and the name itself sounds like it. It is a quite nice font and includes decorative symbols, punctuations, numbers, and in black. 

This font will best suit stuff like hipster t-shirt prints, photo overlays, lettering, handcrafted products, etc. this Zumba family contains 3 variations- decorative, black, and symbols font. 

9. Titular Font

Best African Fonts

And this font is also a promising one in this list of best African fonts. It is more of a vintage classic and is a sans-serif font. This font has an outline, shadow, and wide option but is mostly suitable for titles and headings or print stuff.

What will you get? Punctuations, symbols, numbers, uppercase letters, multi-lingual, various web fonts, etc. 

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10. Babe – Sans Serif Font

Best African Fonts

As the name sounds this font is more curved and bold. It’s minimal, clean, and great how it is. Babe is a sans serif font with funky alternates and groovy curves to make your project unique. 

The font is contemporary, classic, and unique and has a clean style. 

11. Rimba Andalas

Best African Fonts

Now, this font is a little different, it is both playful and ethnic and includes some extra ornaments. Rimba Andalas font letters are like rough strokes and ancient symbols in caves, and also the shape of tree branches. 

And if you are working on some project that has a natural theme, or folk design then this one can be checked out. You’re gonna get uppercase, lowercase, ligatures, and accents. 

12. Fiesta ABC Letters

Best African Fonts

And the 12th font in this list of best African fonts is Fiesta ABC letters and this one has an abstract Aztec ethnic pattern. This font is of Mexican culture and is best for cards, and flyers and is simple and easy to use. 

What does it include? 1 illustrator, vector file, 1 JPG file, and is of high resolution. It is colorful and unique in design.


13. Tribal Font

Best African Fonts

Want to bring that tribal glance to your art or work you are doing? This font and its name exactly say what it is made for. It has cool colors, and ethnic ornaments and is a set of vector ABC letters and is best for posters, letterhead, greeting cards, T-shirts, etc. 

It also has vector files that are in white, and black. Moreover, it has 36 PNG files. 

14. South Pacific

Best African Fonts

South Pacific sounds cool and modern. Well, it is a calligraphic font with sans serif and has calligraphic brush strokes. You can create unique letterforms with these strokes. 

The font is fun is a little more modern and has all lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuations, and numerals, along with multilingual support. 

15. Wild Mango

Best African Fonts

Want a modern and chic font? Wild Mango is a great font if you that cool and fashionable avatar look to your work. It is best for logos, social media, stickers, and SVG files. 

The font is unique and can be used for several designs of yours and give them a classy look. 

16. Creative Vintage Font

Best African Fonts

Vintage fonts are always attractive and mesmerizing. One such amazing font is a creative vintage font. You will get both modern and retro vibes from this font which will make your project more charming. 

It has 3 weights- thin, regular, and bold. Furthermore, you will get ligatures, glyphs, and PUA-encoded letters, and supports multiple languages.

17. Vienna Woodtype

Best African Fonts

Vienna wood type is another admirable one among the best African fonts. It is quite different from other fonts listed in this article as it is made out of linocut and has a real print-like touch to the letters. 

It is available in a clean, rough, and SVG version of it. The glyphs in this font were first hand printed, scanned, and then converted into a computer font. 

18. Hackney SVG

Best African Fonts

The list is long but now that we are almost at the end of the list, here is Hackney SVG. it is a bold, and condensed font with brushy strokes in it and gives us earthy realism. 

It has a transparent structure with a hand-painted effect along with a high resolution of around 3000 x 5000 pixels. 

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19. Wildkind – Boho Serif Font

Best African Fonts

Wildkind is also a decent font among the best African fonts and is a hand-drawn one with a serif font. This one is best for advertisements, posters, logos, packaging, and many such things. 

Wild kind gives us the super quirky and cool vibes to present in the project and also has alternate characters. 

20. Africa Vibes Font

Best African Fonts

Africa vibes are yet another of the best ones on this list and I certainly like this one as it gives nice vibes of African culture and tribes. 

It is a beautiful and interestingly good font when it comes to displaying, being perfect for many purposes like logo designing, wedding invitations, greeting cards, labels, etc.

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21. QueenPark Display Font 

Best African Fonts

Queenpark display font is also a good one in this list of best African fonts and you can use it for greeting cards, labels, nameplates, correspondence, signatures, etc. like many fonts in this list this one is also lovely and effective. 


These were some of the best African fonts and am sure you will get the one that you are looking for as all of them are no less than others. 

I hope this list of African fonts will help you choose the right one for your design project.

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