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20+ Best Wood Fonts Perfect For Adventure & Camping

Want to bring that wild adventurous vibe to a project you are working on? These outdoor-themed fonts, with timeless beauty, are versatile, modern, and classic at the same time. 

The next time you want to make such a logo, header, title, or any presentation you can make use of the best wood fonts. They are not just suitable for adventure but also good camping fonts. 

In this article, I’ll share our collection of the best wood fonts you can use on your design projects.

Best Wood Fonts

Below is the list of the best wood fonts you can check out. 

1. Sherman Typeface

Best Wood Fonts

Sherman typeface is one of the best wood fonts that you can consider if you are looking for such fonts. Some of its features include supporting many Latin and Vietnamese languages, as well as European ones. The font has all caps in it and has a big size more suitable for large sizes. 

Sherman is suitable for headlines, titles, signage, branding, and clothing, and you can use it anywhere where you want your work to have an impact bringing in friendly, and warm vibes. 

2. Microbrew Font Family

Best Wood Fonts

This is yet another best one in this list of best wood fonts and yes don’t judge it by the name. It is more than its name providing you with the best versatile retro feel and touch to your work. It has 14 individual styles and ornaments, symbols, and retro banners. 

Moreover, the detailed ones are good for larger sizes and cleaner for smaller ones. This font includes all caps but you can use the small case as an alternative. Catchwords, old-style numbers, and double-letter ligatures will furnish your art with a vintage look. 

3. Alderwood

Best Wood Fonts

The third one in this list of wood fonts is Alderwood. This font has many styles and weights being a hand-drawn condensed font. Alderwood has four versions of it, they are regular, stamp, outlined, and oblique. 

Now since it is hand drawn, that subtle imperfection will make your project more attractive and also give the grassroots of vintage. 

4. Cervantes

Best Wood Fonts

Yet another decent one on our list is Cervantes. It is a wooden typeface inspired by a comic of pirate characters and some of its characteristics are sharp, bold, and also classic. 

It is best for headlines, titles, presentations, and many more such things. Moreover, its features include uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, alternate characters, and numeric characters. 

5. Ludington Vintage Letterpress Font

Best Wood Fonts

You can use this font if you are making vintage concert posters and show prints. This Ludington letterpress font is inspired by classic hand-set wood type. The font includes four variations, vintage text, headline, modern text, and headline. 

6. Brayden Font Family

Best Wood Fonts

The Brayden font family is another nice one among the best wood fonts. It includes three script fonts (bold, regular, thin, and script sans), and a sans serif font. Make use of these fonts and the project will turn out to be beautiful. 

Its features include contextual alternates, swashes, ligatures, and stylistic alternates, and through the glyph panel, you can have access to many more alternates. 

7. Sanhurst Sans Serif

Best Wood Fonts

If you want some strong and classic branding this is the font you can check out. Sanhurst has 3 versions: rounded, rough, and grunge which will give you the retro printed look. You will also get the digital modern look with the regular version. 

This font is best for clothing, magazines, advertisements, branding, website headers, and many more.

8. The Woods – Display Font

Best Wood Fonts

The wood well the name itself wants to say it belongs to the best wood fonts. It is a bold new display font and has four styles of it. Every style has a great design and will give you a handcrafted feel. 

You can use it big and show the bold nature and statement of your work. Also, this font is good for posters, and headings, if you want to capture attention.

9. PressBox Font Combo

Best Wood Fonts

PressBox is a font inspired by Americana and metal fonts. It includes two main fonts and an ornamental one for you. Simply by switching between your upper and lowercase letters, you can change your glyphs in the press box display font and the Virgo display is a caps font.

It has multi-lingual support and comes with many catchy words, ornaments, decorative elements, and ornamental borders. 

10. Woody Bark – 3D Lettering Font

Best Wood Fonts

And the 10th one among the best wood fonts is woody bark. This font is great for your headlines, posters, advertisements, oriented or web projects, etc.

Moreover, it has transparent PNG, and there are a total of 5 views included along with shadow layers.  

11. Cheap Pine

Best Wood Fonts

Cheap Pine is a decent one among the best wood fonts and has all uppercase letters in it. The font is roughly drawn and printed with a handmade appearance. It is more inspired by 18th and 19th-century wood-type fonts. 

Want to change or influence the shadow color then you can use cheap pine, and cheap sans fonts together. Furthermore, this font includes arrows, hands, stars, glyphs, etc. 

12. Hops And Barley

Best Wood Fonts

Hops and Barley is a vintage collection family font and includes 6 fonts with textured and clean versions, catchy words, and ornaments. It is solely. made up of four font styles. All the fonts have the same proportions, and soft edges to work great. 

Moreover, the fonts have a rugged outline and eroded texture and you can either use the fonts together or even individually. One can use it for displaying, posters, logos, packaging, etc. 

13. Wooden – 3D Lettering Font

Best Wood Fonts

Here’s a wooden 3D lettering font that is great for headings, titles, posters, advertisements, or any of your projects in which you need a 3D lettering font if it is any web or print one. 

14. Milkstore Font Collection

The Milkstore font collection has around 5 fonts in it and all are pretty good. All the fonts have that textured authentic handcrafted look. Milkstore fonts are inspired by vintage brick walls and can be used for logo designing, projects, presentations, packaging, titles, etc. 

Best Wood Fonts

Moreover, you will get around 18 editable logo templates, 30 hand-drawn icons, and 12 textured backgrounds to make your logo design designing easy. 

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15. Sarcastic Typeface

Best Wood Fonts

Inspired by classic posters, Sarcastic Typeface is yet another one of the best wood fonts. This font is best suitable for logo design, apparel design, letterhead posters, labels, etc. 

Also, it includes all the numerals, punctuations, and upper and lower case along with variations of OpenType alternates and customizes your design with swashes. 

16. Vintage Letterpress Toolkit

Best Wood Fonts

Now this one’s a cool and great font among the best wood fonts named vintage letterpress toolkit. You’ll find it super creative and unique. One can use this font for creative things like poster headings, restaurant menus, headers, promo texts, web projects, etc.

This toolkit will provide you with everything you need to make your project stand out such as 3D lettering sets, metallic, various layers, 18 graphic elements, 20 backgrounds, 40 patterns, and many more. 

17. Wild Adventure – 3D Lettering Font

Best Wood Fonts

Now, this font gives you the vibes of wood for real. The letters look like wooden planks and are a little small though give a retro feel. 

Wild Adventure gives 3000×3000 pixels and is best for headers and posters of all sorts. There are 5 views in this font. 

18. Wood Yard – Color Font

Best Wood Fonts

Made out of textured wooden planks this one is a high-quality 3D font for all your awesome work. It is a color bitmap open-type SVG font and supports only the English language with basic punctuation. 

Textured background full-resolution PNG files are also included and are a great font. 

19. Aurochs

Best Wood Fonts

Aurochs is also a good one of the best wood fonts and it belongs to the display type family with 6 weights. The font is developed from vintage letterpress and woodblock prints. 

It includes only uppercase letters, three weights( light, regular, heavy), desktop and Webfont versions, and all English numerals, alphabets, and punctuations. 

20. Cabinet Shelves – 3D Lettering Font

Best Wood Fonts

This is another 3D lettering font in this list of best wood fonts. Cabinet Shelves are relatively good and can be considered for your work. 

Moreover, you will get 5 views in this font and it is 3000×3000 pixels in size. One can use this font for posters, headers, packaging, creative stuff, etc. 

21. Ferndale Letterpress Font

Best Wood Fonts

Ferndale letterpress is another font inspired by concert posters, broadsides, playbills, and show prints like Globe posters, Enquirer printing, etc. 

It includes all the letters and supports multiple languages, punctuations, and numerals too. It is highly detailed and looks classic. 

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22. Vintage Wooden Box – 3D Lettering Font

Best Wood Fonts

This 3D wooden box font has vintage and grunge-style advertisements, posters, headers, and any web projects. 

It contains a transparent PNG, a PSD file with 10 effects, and smart objects to make your changes easily. 


Those were some of the best wood fonts you can give a try and make your project or work stand out. Hope you find the perfect wooden font for your design project from this list.

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