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25 Best Baseball Fonts That Hit It Out of the Park

Are you looking for the best baseball fonts? You are on the right page as in this article I have listed the best baseball fonts with great features and benefits. 

Not just that, these fonts can be used for other sports and sports-related stuff as well. Make sure you check all the fonts listed to get your hands on the best one. 

Let’s get started. 

Best Baseball Fonts

Below is the list of best baseball fonts which are a must check. 

1. Yankees Classic – Baseball Font

Best Baseball Fonts

The first one on the list is a Yankees classic and is great. This classic font contains uppercase, and lowercase characters, numerals, various punctuations, extrude font, and much more. 

You will get files such as Yankees, Yankees classic outline, and Yankees classic extrude. 

2. Outsider Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Outsider is another font inspired by athletics and has all capitals, letters, or uppercase characters. The font is a tall serif and can be used to design logos, jerseys, posters, and similar things. 

3. Swingman Font

Swingman Baseball Font

Swingman font is also among the best baseball fonts and it will give you vintage vibes. This file has around 120 glyphs with uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, ligatures, alternate characters, and a lot more. It has an OTF file format. 

4. Outlast – Display Baseball Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Another one of the best baseball fonts is Outlast and it has distinct and unique characters. It has all uppercase characters and has three distinct styles namely, regular, slab, and serif. 

It also supports most Western characters such as Afrikaans, Finnish, French, Dutch, German, English, and many more. 

5. Chicago Shift – Baseball Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Chicago Shift is also a font, especially for sports, and is incredibly attractive. It has uppercase, and lowercase punctuations, symbols, and alternate characters. It can be used for branding, apparel, advertisement, packaging, etc. 

It also has multilingual support and is PUA-encoded. 

6. The Athletico Font Duo

Best Baseball Fonts

The Athletico font is another good one in this list of best baseball fonts and as the name you might have understood is specifically made for sports.

You will get sans and script fonts in the file. Furthermore, you will get instant downloads and updates in this font. 

7. Hitch Route – Display Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Hitch route is also a decent one in the best baseball fonts and has a modern design and nature. It supports most of the Western languages. 

8. Sports Display Font Bundle BTL.3

Best Baseball Fonts

Sports Daily font bundle is a great baseball font and is suitable for many other sports too. You will get a collection of font families for six different sports. It can be used for sports logos, branding, applications, labels, etc. 

9. Boston – Baseball Script Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Like other fonts, this one is a baseball font and has almost all the features you will need such as uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, ligatures, alternate characters, etc. It also has extruded font files in it. 

10. Empera – Display Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Empera display font is yet another one of the best baseball fonts. It has six different styles and can be used for branding, posters, logos, etc. Moreover, it gives an authentic vintage look and supports multiple languages. 

11. Sports Font Pack

Best Baseball Fonts

As the name suggests this is a sports font and is suitable for baseball fonts. Also, this is a collection of 8 different font styles and each is playfully unique. Let’s check out the next one in this list of best baseball fonts. 

12. Billskates Script

Best Baseball Fonts

Billskates script is a modern font style and is suitable for logos and many other things such as invitations, labels, magazines, cards, and other formal forms. 

You will get uppercase, lowercase, swashes, alternate characters, and other such things. 

13. Redzone Display Family

Best Baseball Fonts

The Redzone display family is a versatile font for baseball logos and jerseys. Its letters have angled terminals and sharp serifs. It can also be used for headlines and shortened body types. 

14. Bandbox – Athletic Script Typeface

Bandbox is another good one in this list of best baseball fonts and is inspired by classic sports logo lookups. It has cursive bold characters and is gently sloped. 

Best Baseball Fonts

It’s perfect for logotypes, banners, and t-shirt designs. Moreover, it also has ligatures and 18 athletic swash banners. 

15. Champsville

Best Baseball Fonts

Champsville has a great font and is inspired by American sports graphics. You will get 2 types of fonts namely sans and slab with 4 styles. It has 3 editable logo templates and 1 editable label template. 

16. Curveball Vintage Typeface

Best Baseball Fonts

Curveball is a Tuscan-inspired vintage font and gives your design sepia tones, wool uniforms, & Cracker Jack vibes. It offers six versions with simplicity in them. They are regular, semi-bold, bold, rounded, rough and outline. 

17. Groovy – Retro Font

Best Baseball Fonts

Groovy is another font and is suitable for baseball fonts giving you a retro touch. You will get 593 glyphs, OpenType features, stylistic alternates, swashes, ligatures, etc. 

18. Super League Typeface

Best Baseball Fonts

Super League typeface can be used for sports-related work like labels, headings, logos, etc. It appears bold and decent to use giving a simpler yet attentive vibe. 

19. JERSEY CLUB Family

Best Baseball Fonts

Jersey Club family comes in sans and sans serif fonts. It has everything that a sports logo or sports-related thing would want. San and San serif comes in 3 layers: light, regular, and bold. It can be used for both personal and professional use. 

20. VTF League Family

Best Baseball Fonts

This is a collection of 14 fonts. It has heavy vertical characters and lighter horizontals. Some of its features include 333 characters per style, basic support language, small-cap alternates, and fractions. 

21. Home Plate

Best Baseball Fonts

Home plate just like sports is a strong and versatile font that can be used for sports-related stuff. It comes in both regular and italic styles. It has all the characters, uppercase, lowercase, and numerals. 

22. Fanatix – Display Font

Best Baseball Fonts

This is yet another good one in the best baseball fonts and has a modern touch to it. You will get a total of 7 fonts in this file. Its weight ranges from thin to thick and is suitable for branding, posters, apparel, logos, etc. 

23. Reach – Display Slab Serif

Best Baseball Fonts

Reach is a slab serif font and is suitable as in for baseball fonts. It has 12 different font styles and is perfect for sports branding, logos, and labels. It has features such as A-Z cap characters, numbers, symbols, punctuations, etc. 

24. Grand Slam

Best Baseball Fonts

Grand Slam is also a considerable font in the best baseball fonts. It is in bold and serif font. Also, it has stitches on it just like baseball to give the sports vibes. 

The letters give pretty good impact and visibility and are suitable for sports-related projects. 

25. Hoodson Script

Best Baseball Fonts

Hoofson’s script has a retro touch and is inspired by the hand lettering style. These best baseball fonts are ideal for posters, headers, merchandise, logos, handwritten quotes, and many such sports-related things. 


These were some of the best baseball fonts that you can consider. We hope you found the list of best baseball fonts useful. 

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