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20+ Candy Fonts For The Perfect Sugar Rush

Donut Opentype - Candy Fonts

Looking for some candy fonts? You’ve come to the right place!

Candies, cakes, chocolates, donuts, peanut butter, jelly beans, you name it and you’ll find a font based on that. 

Candy fonts have a large horizon when it comes to usage. You can use these fonts for content related to kids, book covers, invitations, fairs, posters, decor, and just anything. 

They are cute, playful, and of course, look absolutely delicious. 

In this article, we bring you the best candy fonts for your work to look engaging and sweeter than it already is. 

Best Candy Fonts

When it comes to Candy Fonts, you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Every font is different so explore the list of best candy fonts below to find the perfect one for your project. 

1. Jelly Beans Font

Jelly Beans - Candy Fonts

Jelly Beans is an OpenType display font that is designed by countless jelly beans. The beans are placed randomly yet the typeface looks neat and particular, entirely. 

The font looks light and informal which makes it perfectly suited for apparel, book covers, branding, logos, packaging, digital art, illustrations, social media posts, and posters. 

It comprises uppercase characters, numerals, basic punctuation, and language support. 

2. Choco Font

Choco Font - Candy Fonts

Choco Font is a high-definition OpenType SVG display font that looks super delicious. 

The characters of the font are shown as made up of dripping chocolate which looks extremely appealing. 

You can use the font for logos, branding, product packaging, book covers, digital art, illustrations, quote pictures, and everything related to chocolate and others. 

3. Choco Candy Font 

Choco Candy - Candy Fonts

Choco Candy Font is a sweety display font that is creative and dynamic. The typeface has been designed in a way that looks made up of chocolate because of its irregular width. 

From branding and packaging to watermarks and invitations, the font works for formal as well as informal uses. 

You can also use the font for advertisements, labels, logos, product designs, quotes, and more. It includes standard glyphs and multilingual support. 

4. Donut Font

Donut Opentype - Candy Fonts

Donut Font is an OpenType SVG display font that is yet another innovative font. The characters of the font are designed as if made up of donuts. 

The letters are slim, smooth, and slightly curved which gives an elegant look to your work. It contains uppercase letters, numerals, symbols, basic punctuation, and multilingual support. 

5. Candy Display

Candy Display Script - Candy Fonts

Candy Display is an OpenType Script + SVG font that is colorful and bright. It is a vibrant brush display font with lots of wonderful color combinations, be it monochrome or primary. 

There are two versions when it comes to this typeface; the first is the OpenType SVG which is abundant in quality and color and the second one is the bold and rough available in OTF and TTF format with limitless scaling. 

The font is beaming and stylish which makes it perfectly suited for apparel, book covers, branding, logos, labels, packaging, and anything that needs a little fun and personality to it.  

6. Easy Rider

Easy Rider - Candy Fonts

Easy Rider is a retro voyage display candy font that is also a layered brush script font. It consists of five typefaces, two stylistic sets, and swashes. 

The font looks like a bold and stylish brush stroke which speaks to the audience when used. This playful font comes in three different styles – clear, glare, and pressed. 

The typeface comprises two full glyph sets with swashes, two ligatures, and alternates to provide you with customization. 

7. Juicy Jam Font

Juicy Jam - Candy Fonts

Juicy Jam is a color OpenType bitmap font derived from a smooth calligraphic script. The typeface is designed in such a way that you see the juicy characters with a dripping effect along a pink sweet finish. 

The font looks glossy and polished giving your work a sophisticated and confident look. The font includes a set of high-quality PNG files with a transparent background. 

8. Ms. Candy

Ms Candy - Candy Fonts

Ms. Candy is a colorful candy font with 38 transparent PNG files and one OpenType SVG color font. 

The typeface is designed as if made up of countless candy beans which are modeled in a 3D application that makes the font amusing and appealing. 

The typeface consists of uppercase letters, numerals, symbols, basic punctuation, and language support. 

9. Sweet Candy Font

Sweets - Candy Fonts

Sweet Candy is a display font made up of sweets, cookies, and other bakery products. The characters are made of chocolates, cookies, beans, donuts, and many other sweets which are distinctive. 

It is a whimsical and playful font that can be used for everything related to kids. You can also use them for bakery logos, labels, branding, packaging, quotes, illustrations, and covers. 

10. Gummy Color Font

Gummy Color - Candy Fonts

Gummy is a color display font that is creative and helps your work stand out in a crowd. 

It is made in a fun, bright, and light way based on cute gummy candy colors. You can use them for greeting cards, invitations, kids’ book covers, animations, and cartoon illustrations. 

The authentic feel of the font and its creativity make it relevant to almost every form of content. 

11. Sweat Hearts Candy Font

Sweet Hearts - Candy Fonts

Sweet Hearts is a classic candy heart font that is aesthetically pleasing. The characters are in the form of heart-shaped candy that looks visually inviting. 

The typeface has a capital alphabet with a lot of alternates in various colors along with basic punctuation and numerals. 

The characters have varying angles with different baselines which makes it fun, flexible, playful, and nostalgic. The font is made from real pictures of heart candies in 5 classic colors. 

12. Donuts Font

Donuts Font - Candy Fonts

Donuts font is a display candy font made up of donuts, as the name suggests. The characters of the font are designed as if made up of donuts with melted chocolate on top. 

The font is engaging and visually appetizing and you can use them for everything related to the bakery or kids’ themes. 

It is perfectly suited if you have to manage social media posts related to your ‘sweet’ business or a playful sale invitation card.

13. Chocolate Cake Font

Chocolate Cake - Candy Fonts

Chocolate Cake is a color OpenType display candy font with a set of high-definition files. 

The characters are designed in the form of chocolate cake with melted chocolate dripping off them. 

The font is sweet, cute, and playful for all those invitations, greetings, covers, packaging, and logos. It consists of uppercase letters, numerals, basic punctuation, and multilingual support. 

14. Salty Candy Font

Salty Candy - Candy Fonts

Salty Candy is a playful display font that is prominently used for kids’ stuff. The characters are designed uncannily, with bold and broad widths, strange and whimsical styling, and bright colors. 

The font will make your work look all the more cheerful and high-spirited. Be it kids’ clothes, posters, banners, animations, or illustrations, Salty Candy Font is one of a kind. 

15. Gingerbread Sans Font

Gingerbread Sans - Candy Fonts

Gingerbread Sans Font is an OpenType display font. The letters of the font, as the name implies, are designed in the form of gingerbread lined with white melted chocolate. 

The font looks both thoughtful and playful due to its smile yet stern styling. You can use this font for album covers as well as bakery purposes because of its wide range. It consists of uppercase letters, numerals, and basic punctuation. 

16. Oktoberfest Font

Oktoberfest - Candy Fonts

Oktoberfest Font is an out-of-the-ordinary display font. The letters of this typeface are designed in the form of pretzels with uncommon designs and an Oktoberfest pattern in the background. 

The colored-styled font looks quirky and offbeat but the distinctiveness of the font is why it’s so engaging. It consists of unusually designed uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. 

17. Candy Paint

Candy Paint - Sweet Candy Font

Candy Paint is a sweet bubble display font that is bold, playful, and fun. The typeface has 4 styles that include a regular, outline, extrude, and shadows along with alternates and European multilingual. 

Because of its bold and curvy characters, the font is perfectly suited for digital art, branding, invitations, book covers, illustrations, and posters. 

The typeface comprises uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numerals. 

18. JellyBelly Font

JellyBelly - Candy Fonts

JellyBelly is another one of the Candy display fonts and is thick, fun, and bouncy. The font, as the name suggests, resembles jelly with the same wiggly texture and styling along with bright colors. 

It allows you to either leave the letters blank or edit them with a different color. With all the necessary formats, the font includes uppercase characters, symbols, numerals, and basic punctuation. 

19. Peanut Butter Font

Peanut Butter - Candy Fonts

Peanut Butter is a sweet script display font that is a cute and sweet typeface. The characters of the font are stylish, quirky, and extravagant. 

Along with this, it looks even more appealing due to the animated illustrations and symbols that complement the styling of the font. 

It comprises uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation and is available in OTF and TTF formats. Apart from this, it includes stylistic alternates and multilingual characters. 

20. Ms. Chocolate

Ms Chocolate - Candy Fonts

Ms. Chocolate is an OpenType SVG color candy display font that is bold and sophisticated. 

The characters of the font are designed as if they are made up of melted chocolate in its disheveled state. 

The typeface includes 37 highly detailed 3D renders in PNG format with clean alpha. It comprises uppercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. It is perfectly suited for websites, social media posts, quote pictures, aesthetics, posters, and invitations, among many others. 

21. Choco Stripes Font

Choco Stripes - Candy Fonts

Choco Stripes Font is an OpenType candy display font. The characters of the typeface are designed as if made up of chocolate and adorned with chocolate stripes. 

The font gives your work a playful yet classy look. You can use Choco Stripes for all those logos, labels, invitations, digital art, and illustrations relevant to the theme of the font. 

It includes uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. It also includes extended punctuation and language support. 

22. Guava Candy Font

Guava Candy - Candy Fonts

Guava Candy Font is a fun and playful kids’ display font. This gaming font is bright and nostalgic and is not limited to just games. 

You can use this font for kids’ book covers, illustrations, animations, and digital art. You can also use this for posters, movie titles, magazines, brochures, social media page covers, watermarks, thumbnails, and other forms of media. 


Candy Fonts are dazzling, refreshing, and cute that give your content a finishing wistful look. When it comes to Candy Fonts, you have loads of options to choose from. Every font is different in its own way and with relevant content, it will flourish and gather a lot of attention to your work. 

I hope this list of Best Candy Fonts helps you in choosing the suitable font for your work.

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