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10 Best Bubble Fonts That Are Cute & Fun

Soap Bubbles - Bubble Font

If you are looking for the best bubble fonts, you have landed in the right place. Those round edges, curves, and bright colors are versatile and radiate a friendly nature in any of your projects. 

Bubble fonts are best suited for work or activities related to children’s books, articles, toys, logo designing, films, and events. This gives you the best and happiest feeling. 

One can also portray a solid and good message through bubble fonts in a friendlier way. Regardless of how they look, they stir a mood, set your designs high, and elevate your work. 

Without more delay let us look at some best bubble fonts to make your design stand out and reflect happiness. 

Best Bubble Fonts

Here’s our list of the best bubble fonts you can use on your design projects.

1. Soap Bubbles Font

Soap Bubbles - Bubble Font

And the first one among the best bubble fonts is the soap bubbles font. This one as the name sounds has characters displayed like bubbles of soap and is adorable. 

Also, it is a color open type file so only the applications compatible with color bitmap will include these fonts. You can open the characters in any of your graphics software as all of them are stored as an individual. PNG files on a transparent background. 

The complete soap bubble font package will include around 47 files and has a high resolution of 3000px x 3000px. It comprises all the uppercase, numeral, glyphs, and punctuations.

2. Bubble – Display Font

Bubble - Bubble Font

Another bubbly font to make your work foamy is a bubble-display font. This one is a San serif font and you will have all uppercase that are round and colorful just like the bubbles you find. 

One can use this font in their typography project works, headings, short words, etc, and this one’s more suitable for screen mode.

Now since this font is a display font, you will not find special characters or lowercase in it. Also, the letters in this font have refractive and reflective properties giving it some uniqueness. 

3. Bubbly Font

Bubbly - Bubble Font

Now this font in this list of best bubble fonts gives you handwritten bubble vibes as the characters or letters are more like handwritten ones and look great. 

The letters of this font are quite thick and are fun, reminding you of natural handwriting. 

It does include many special characters, and this font comes with OTF files, web fonts, procreate stamp brushes, PNG, etc. Also, you can use it with graphics or easy photoshop to make liquid fonts or wet fonts. 

4. Cosmic Bubbles Font

Cosmic Bubbles - Bubble Font

Cosmic Bubbles font will probably remind you of cosmos I suppose and this one like other fonts in this list is one of the best bubble fonts. 

This is a high definition open type font and it includes uppercase characters, punctuations, numerals, and glyphs. 

Like the soap bubble font, this cosmic bubble font also shows only in apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts. It has 48 characters included with. PNG files and supports language along with punctuation. 

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5. Kembol – Bubble Font

Kembol - Bubble Font

And this is yet another one among the best bubble fonts if you are more into making visual projects. You will find this font cute and lovely to use in your projects. 

Kembol Bubble font will bring beautiful and captivating impressions to your projects. You can add fun and laughter to all your work with these letters of Kembol. 

One can use this font for headings, subheadings, titles, sentences, or text or in any of their design projects. 

6. Plump: A Bubble Letter Font

Plump - Bubble Font

And the 6th one in this list of best bubble fonts is plump. Plump completely justifies its name and this must be the most bubbly font among all the ones mentioned here. 

This font is inspired by 90s bubbly fonts and you also might have doodled this behind your notebooks or in art and craft during school time. 

What things do you get? You get all the uppercase letters, special characters, punctuation marks, and of course numbers. 

7. Metaskin Font

Metaskin - Bubble Font

This font like the few above fonts will only show up in the apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts. It is an open-type SVG high-definition font and includes all the numbers, special characters, and punctuations, and will also have glyphs to make your project more attractive. 

The font appears to be made out of bubbles and is pretty cute. You can use these color fonts on any of your design software

Moreover, all 49 characters and punctuations are included in the. PNG files. One can use these characters to place on their text layout by using any software. 

8. Bubble Graff – Bouncy Font

Bubble Graff - Bubble Font

Are you looking for a thick display font? Then here it is. Bubble Graff is cool, and bubbly and is great for display purposes. 

This is best for children’s activities, their art, and craft stuff. The letters of this font look more playful and authentic when added with bright font colors. 

Furthermore, this font is suitable for logos, headings, films, documentation, book covers, titles, and in many other creative projects of yours. 

9. Metallic Bubble Font

Ok Cool - Bubble Font

This is another bubbly wobbly font among the best bubble fonts and is definitely cool and gives you a metallic feel. You can use this font for posters, music labels, creative things, and in things that engage children- toys, etc.

You can either have the letter look like realistic bubbles or metallic gold form which will make your project’s layout outstanding. 

You will get a rose and metallic 3D alphabet, ligatures, and signs with high resolution. One can also use these font bubbles for decorating events, birthdays, etc. 

10. Bubble Letter Font

Bubble Letter Font

Now the last one in this list of best bubble fonts is the bubble letter font. This font is a little different from other fonts. It gives you jelly bean vibes and also has a bubble effect in them. 

One can use this font for fun events, or occasions, and also on kids’ notebook covers, articles, toys, etc. 

Moreover, it’s best for logos, creative projects, packaging stuff, educational projects, and shirts, especially for stuff related to children. The font gives us whole cheerful vibes and is great to use for comics too. It includes .ttf, .otf, and .woff files. 

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There are many best bubble fonts but the above ones are some popular and trending ones that everyone can consider if they want to bring bubble and foamy vibes to their project or work. 

Hope you found the best bubble font for yourself from this list.

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