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10+ Best Gun Fonts For Designers

Interrogator Stencil - Gun Fonts

Are you looking for the best gun fonts for your design project? You’ve come to the right place!

With at least half a million fonts and more than 30 thousand font families in existence, it can be a handful to choose the right one that would go with your content. That’s where we come in. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing my hand-picked collection of the best gun fonts you can find on the Internet.

Best Gun Fonts

Gun fonts are classy, and trendy and give your work a confident look. These fonts are perfect for projects that have a military, army, or patriotic theme. Check out our list of the best gun fonts and pick the right one for your project!

1. Poligon

Poligon - Gun Fonts

With OpenType features, this gun font looks amazing on logos, posters, brochures, mugs, magazines, and others. 

Its two versions Retro and Modern come in six styles: printed, regular, stencil, stencil rough, and stencil printed thus giving a military feel, this font is bold and elegant. 

2. Bulltoad

Bulltoad - Army Gun Fonts

From skull, crosshair, and medical cross to butterfly, car icon, and crescent moon, Bulltoad has a total of 32 theme icon characters. Published by Typodermic Fonts Inc., the letters are broad and bold making your work look heavy and accentuated. 

Some other really cool and fun theme icon characters that are included are the smiley face, hemp leaf, classic bomb, crucifix, and others. 

3. Interrogator Stencil

Interrogator Stencil - Gun Fonts

Available in over 60+ languages including English, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, and Filipino, Interrogator Stencil is a typeface with crosshair divisions. 

Its unique design cuts the font horizontally into two parts. It gives an unconventional and trendy look to your content. 

4. Patriot

Patriot - Military Gun Fonts

Talk about strong and authoritative, Patriot is one of the best gun fonts for you to choose from. The letters of this font are big, bold, and broad giving your work a classy and energetic look. 

It is often used in movie posters and banners because of the way it makes the content stand out in a crowd. 

5. Bullet

Bullet Typeface

Bullet typeface is one with 6 versions, namely, Shadow, Light, Light Shadow, Aged, Full, and Regular. It gives a period look to your work because of its raw and unprocessed letters. 

The Light and Shadow version of this typeface contains layers making it look larger than life when used. The Aged version of the typeface gives a royal and unfinished feel making it look like a font straight from the ancient printing press. 

6. The Machine Gun Font

The Machine Gun Font

Created by The Weknow Font Foundry, The Machine Gun font has 8 versions i.e. Regular, Light, Hollow, Italic, Inverse, Hollow Inverse, Bold, and Bold Italic. You need to acquire a license if you need this font for commercial use. 

From cartoon, comic, and games to corporate identity, brand identity, and the apparel industry, this font is the go-to when you need something out of the box. 

7. Gunshot

Gunshot Typeface

With its two versions being Regular and Rough, Gunshot is a gun font that gives a vintage feel to the content. Apart from this, it also includes a vector illustration as a bonus. 

The font is super stylish with its wavy edges and condensed characters making it look creative and innovative. 

8. Romantic Jets

Romantic Jets

Inspired by Brutalist Architecture, Romantic Jets is a gun font that looks technical and robotic giving your content a different-than-usual look. It supports more than 60 Latin-based European languages, including English, Filipino, Hungarian, Danish, French, Slovenian, Spanish, and others. 

It consists of distinctive shapes and sizes along with the application of negative spaces between/on the characters that radiates a unique aesthetically pleasing look. 

9. Infantry – Modern Army Font

Infantry - Modern Army Typeface

When it was first conceptualized, Modern Army was influenced by the classic retro military stencil design. From wallpaper and surface textures to web page backgrounds and pattern fills, this font goes with everything that needs to be highlighted. 

This font is prominently used for stationary, pendants, apparel, posters, invitation cards, gift wraps, and many others. For any army-themed project, Modern Army gives you solid ground. 

10. Ambersand

Ambersand - Army Font

Ambersand is yet another one of the stencil typefaces fused with a handmade polish. The font has 24/7 support along with 3 custom fonts and 3 sets of custom glyphs i.e. 36 in total. It has classic yet versatile typefaces with pre-kerned characters included. 

It has two versions, namely, sharp-edged bold stencil, hand-made stipple effect, and the third is the counter to the stipple effect. They do amazing within various mediums such as corporate design, apparel, and marketing collateral. With effortless customization and streamlining, this font is one of the best there is. 

11. Free Fire

Free Fire - Gun Font

Free Fire is a gun font that is all robotic with the large width of its characters and the letter spacing between them. It is a font that goes extremely well with projects that are of machinery, robotics, sports, games, and other themes. 

It is a sharp, modern, and sporty font with a negative space that cuts the characters of this font horizontally. 

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Typefaces are very essential when it comes to the presentation of the content. Without them, it is next to impossible for your content to be eye-catching and attract responses from your audience. 

Having said that, selecting the wrong typeface can not only restrict the growth of your content but it can also make your content repulsed by the audience. 

In this article, we shared some of the best gun fonts you can use for your projects. These fonts are perfect for military, army, and patriotic-themed projects.

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