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20 Best Neon Fonts That Will Electrify Your Style:

Looking for some best neon fonts? In this article, you will find some best neon fonts to light up your projects and make them more eye-catching. 

There are tons of similar fonts out there so to make your task easy below are some handpicked best neon fonts that you can consider using in your next project.  

Undoubtedly neon fonts are attractive and grab more attention. Now without any more delay, let’s get started. 

Best Neon Fonts

Below is the list of best neon fonts. 

1. NEONBLITZ – Retro Neon Font

Best Neon Fonts

Neonblitz is a great font if you are looking for the best neon fonts. This font will make your work interesting as it also has a retro touch along with real-world neon light scenes. 

If you want to create actual neon signs that look real, this font can be for you. 

2. Neon Absolute – Font Duo

Best Neon Fonts

Neon Absolute is another nice font and has this contemporary and classic effect in it. It is a mixture of script and sans fonts.

You can use this font for a diverse range of things such as logo designing, branding, product design, etc. It has 3 classic font files. 

3. Sidecar Script & Sans Font

Best Neon Fonts

Sidecar is also a good one on the list of best neon fonts. You will get around 8 font files in this file. It has four weights of script and sans. You can combine both fonts and get unique results or can use them individually. 

Furthermore, it has opentype alternates, swashes, ligatures, etc. 

4. Neon Font & Sign Collection

Best Neon Fonts

The neon font and the sign have beautiful lettering and are suitable for all neon-based projects.

What will you get in this file? Well, you will get neon tube font, neon text effect, neon sign mockup, and neon layer styles. All of these have pretty good features to help you with using them. 

5. Neon Sign Font Collection

Best Neon Fonts

This collection of fonts has 5 different fonts and has 8 variations of them. This font is inspired by real-world neon tubes some of its features include, cursive neon tubes, roadhouse neon, neon dots, neon lines, and neon tubes. 

6. Neon Magic – Retro Sans Serif Font

Best Neon Fonts

Neon Magic is another nice font and is among the best neon fonts. This gives us a retro feel and can be added to any major or big project.

You can bring out the best creativity using these fonts in your project. 

7. Overglow Font

Best Neon Fonts

If you are working on a project that has an 80s or 90s atmosphere then you might like this font.

It has a retro touch and can be used to make your project aesthetic. You will also get ligatures, alternates, underlines, and glyphs. 

8. Bold Neon 3D Lettering

Best Neon Fonts

Looking for realistic and bold neon lettering. This one may help you. Bold neon 3D is a decent font that you can use for greeting cards, packaging, campaigns, quotes, websites, blogs, etc. 

9. Discoteque Neon Font

Best Neon Fonts

Discoteque neon font is a retro font with a calligraphic touch. You can use this font if you are doing something artistic and need a modern typeface.

This will help you give a realistic and striking approach. 

10. Neon Font Display Typeface

Best Neon Fonts

And the neon font display typeface is also a great one in this list of best neon fonts. You can utilize this font to bring out the best of your project and there’s no doubt the neon effect makes one’s project attractive. 

11. Avaneonz – Neons Font

Best Neon Fonts

Avaneonz as the name suggests is pretty unique and has a retro style in it. I’m sure you will like this font, it just lightens up things and the mood is supposed to be when one uses this font.

You can use this font in headlines, logotypes, posters, certificates, etc. 

You will also get a bonus of six types of action photoshoots and multilingual support. 

12. Colorful Neon 3D Lettering

Best Neon Fonts

Now if you are looking for 3D neon lettering fonts then this one is the best. You will have 3 styles, color fonts, bonus graphic elements, and much more.

It will help in making your project more creative and delightful. 

13. Retro Neon Font – Outline Style

Best Neon Fonts

And another one in this list of best neon fonts is a retro neon font and as the name suggests you will have a retro look as well as modern styles using this font.

One can use this font in headlines, film titles, music promotions, YouTube tutorials, and much more. 

14. Retrolight – Neon Display Font

Best Neon Fonts

This smoothly rounded retro kind of neon font is yet another nice one in this collection of best neon fonts.

Neon lights and scenes grab more attention and you can try this font for projects such as posters, headlines, logo designing, branding, etc. 

15. Volacrome Sans Serif Display Font

Best Neon Fonts

If you are looking for minimalist yet elegant fonts then this font may be right for you. Volacrome sans serif as the name suggests is Sans Serif font and is beautiful.

One can use this font for sci-fi futuristic things, logos, headings, modern taglines, etc. 

16. Retro Neon Font Collection

Best Neon Fonts

Neon fonts are eye-catching and this is another set of fonts collection that has 7 different fonts in it.

The seven different fonts are outline, inline, square, compressed, script, script 2, and script 3. You will get uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, numerals, etc. 

17. Neon Font – Pink and Green

Best Neon Fonts

This Neon font file has pink and green color fonts in it. If you are specifically looking for these two colors then this can be a great font for you. The neon effect will enhance your project and grab more eyes. 

18. Fuse – Realistic Neon Typeface

Best Neon Fonts

Fuse is yet another font that you can use if you want a realistic effect in your project work. It is a decorative font and looks pretty modern.

You can use it in projects, headings, modern logos, designs, etc. Let’s check what the next one is. 

19. Retro Neon Font – Square Style

Best Neon Fonts

As the name suggests this is a retro neon font and is pretty cool though. The letters of this font have a square style and if you were looking for one such maybe you have one.

Moreover, you will get all the necessary features like the above ones in this font too. 

20. Neon Tubes – Neon Light Font

Best Neon Fonts

And this one is also inspired by real-world neon signs. It is quite a minimalistic font and has rounded corners.

If you want to add glow light effects to your projects then you can consider this neon font too from the collection of best neon fonts. 


Above are some of the best neon fonts that will improve your projects and grab more eyes. Hope you found the collection of fonts useful.

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