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20+ Best Hippie Fonts For The Classic 60s Designs

Hippie fonts are inspired by the retro and pop culture of the 60s. However, these fonts can clearly be used when you want to make things cheerful. 

Any good designer will obviously have a nice tool kit of the best fonts, patterns, etc to make their designs stand out. Nonetheless, there are a huge number of fonts available out there, and getting some best ones is no less than a task. 

Thus, we have selected some best hippie fonts for you and made your task a little easier. Go through all the hippie fonts listed and get your hands on the one you must be looking for to make your work amazing.  

Best Hippie Fonts

Below is the list of best hippie fonts that you must check out. 

1. Lovadelic Hippie Font

Hippie Fonts

Lovadelic Hippie Font is the first one in this list of best hippie fonts. This font is inspired by a 70s retro look and psychedelic typeface. The font is as fun and bubbly as the Lovadelic name sounds. 

It has many open-type features such as stylistic ligatures, contextual alternates, and sets to enhance your projects. Furthermore, this font can be used for apparel, logotypes, headings, quotes, cover albums, etc. Also, you will obtain some great graphics to make your project seem awesome. 

2. Clover – Retro Hippie Font

Hippie Fonts

If you are working on something groovy artwork or project then this one is the best to consider. Clover is a unique and warm font and what things can you make out of this amazing font? 

One can use it for logo designing, Instagram posts, quotes, posters, signs, T-shirts, and many more such things. Also, Shadow and regular versions are sized in such a way that you can layer them together easily. 

3. Some Love – Groovy Hippie Font

Hippie Fonts

Some love is another admirable and groovy one in this list of best hippie fonts. It includes all the standard English characters and accents are not offered. 

One can use this font for doormats, Instagram quotes, branding, logos, phone cases, and a lot of other things. Some love is great fun with interlocking alternates and ligatures to make things more joyful. 

4. Pure Psychedelia Font

Hippie Fonts

Here is another good one among the best hippie fonts. Pure psychedelia font is a versatile one along with a modern twist. This contemporary condensed font is made out of modernized Art Nouveau and 1960s psychedelic fonts. 

It is suitable for many projects and will add that groovy essence to them.

5. Superfreak Font

Hipster Fonts

Superfreak font is yet another one in this list of best hippie fonts. This one is also enlightened by 70s fonts and if you wish to have a retro vibe in your work then this can be the one. 

It comes in two versions, regular and outline. The font includes all caps in it and has quirky bell bottoms. The languages supported are  English, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss German.

6. Like Totally

Hipster Fonts

Like totally is another font that will make you totally like it with its cute and funny features. This also brings retro vibes into your project. The font has 3 different styles- regular, shadow, and outline. 

You can layer these fonts and make some unique and visionary things out of them. It’s suitable for procreating, retro designs, T-shirts, branding, Instagram, and a few more. 

7. Chronic Sans Display Font

Hipster Fonts

Chronic sans display font is also a decent one in this list of best hippie fonts. This is a sans font and is funky and groovy. It brings in all the numerals, characters, and punctuation. 

It is designed by Brethren Design Conjoint and can be used preferably in comic books, headings, children’s magazines, and many other things. 

8. Gliker Font Family

Hipster Fonts

The Gliker font family is a bundle of around 28 different fonts for you to make your design stand out. This font is inspired by hobo typefaces and will offer you 4 weights – regular, semi-bold, bold, black, and 7 widths. 

This font has support for around 75+ Latin languages. You will like the founded and dynamic corners of it along with its vintage vibes. 

9. The Beardy

Hipster Fonts

Want an elegant kind of font? Here it is. The beardy is a modern and elegant font inspired by 60s-70s pop culture, serif, giving you a little retro vibe. 

You will also get OpenType features such as stylistic alternates, ligatures, and sets with OTF, and TTF file formats. Furthermore, the font can be intended for posters, greeting cards, quotes, packaging, apparel design, etc. 

10. Nugelo – Retro Modern Serif

Hippie Fonts

Nugelo is also a decent one among the best hippie fonts. It is retro-based and is a serif modern font. It contains OpenType features like ligatures and alternates. 

Nugelo is best suited for headlines, branding, logo designing, posters, etc. 

11. Stoned Youth

Hippie Fonts

Stoned Youth is a graphics font when you type your text, you can add those intertwined letters of graphics. Now it is pretty unique because it is stylistic, good as well, and furnishes you with graphic features. 

Stones Youth has multilingual support and contains all uppercase, numbers, punctuations, and graphic letters. 

12. Faery Dream Display

Hippie Fonts

Now as the name sounds Faery’s Dream Display is a bright and positive font. The font portrays friendly and pleasant behavior with its clean form and curly nature.

It has two versions of it- regular and oblique and open type features such as stylistic ligatures, sets, and characters and also has multilingual support. It is best suitable for headlines, logos, advertising, magazines, etc. 

13. Daydreamer Retro Font

Hippie Fonts

Daydreamer is another one here and is also a retro one like many others in this list of best hippie fonts. The font is quirky and hand-drawn. 

One can use this font for logo designing, branding, and social media handles, and will give you an organic and playful feel. 

14. Canbera – Display Typeface

Hippie Fonts

Now this one is a font that gives you old vibes and is a serif font. The font is quirky, round, and bold which will give your project an incredible stand. 

One can use it for logotypes, headlines, displaying purpose, and many such things, its retro nature will impress you. 

15. Funguy – Interlocked Slab Serif Font

Hippie Fonts

Funguy is yet another great font among the best hippie fonts and I must say, it is fun and light-hearted. It has all uppercase letters and 165 different ligatures and this font has slab serif features. 

It has 5 font styles, and 10 combinations of patterns, in PNG formats. 

16. Good Vibes – Hippie Font

Hippie Fonts

Hippie fonts are all retro and fun at the same time mostly. Here is another in this list of best hippie fonts named Good Vibes. You can certainly use this font to spread happiness and blossom your project as it is funky and good.

It can be used for SVG designs, circuit projects, T-shirts, stickers, branding, logo design, etc. 

17. Retro Ashington – Vintage Font

Hippie Fonts

The next one in this list is retro Ashington vintage font, as the names suggest it is a vintage plus retro font. Retro has the 70s and 80s typography being bold. 

This font is best for short designs, branding, posters, packaging, logo design, etc. Moreover, you will get ligatures, alternates, and multilingual support. 

18. Long Summer

Hippie Fonts

Long summer can also be considered for your artwork that needs groovy vibes as long summer has all of it. This font is motivated by ’60s and 70s flower children and surf babes fonts. 

The font is fun and cute, you will definitely like it and may want to add to work such as comics, headings, logos, children’s magazines, etc. 

19. Stripe-adelic SVG Color Font

Hippie Fonts

Stripe Adelic is a distinctive font inspired by 60s styles and fonts. This is a vintage font with SVG colors. What does the package include? Well, color SVG font, character set in .eps format, character set in PNG format, rainbow stripes background. 

It brings the old era of wondrous creatures and psychedelic art films. 

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20. Swipe – Seventies Retro Typeface

Hippie Fonts

Swipe is a beautiful font with its fun and retro nature. It has two styles: regular and oblique. The font appears to have smooth curves and soft bold vibes and will give your project a nostalgic feel. 

Furthermore, the font includes 105 beautiful alternates and ligatures and can be used for flyers, logotypes, packaging, book covers, etc. 

21. Retrovert Vintage Groovy

Hippie Fonts

This font as the name sounds is more retro, vintage, groovy, and also unique. It will reflect the 70s era and is perfect to use for merchandise design, CD covers, T-shirts, magazine covers, and many other things. 

It also gives you 10 different graphic styles and OTF and TTF file formats. 

22. Tangerine – Retro Font

Hippie Fonts

The tangerine retro font is also a good one to consider as you are looking for the best hippie fonts. Tangerine as the name indicates is a unique and quirky font. 

It is inspired by 70s fonts to bring that old vibes to it. The bold curves will remind you of bell bottoms and this font is best for vintage logos, mood boards, etc. Like others, this comprises all the lower and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and multilingual support. 

23. Delight – Retro Serif Font

Hippie Fonts

Delight is an impressive font that is unique and has a retro style. It is now pretty unique because of 100+ ligatures, and alternative characters which you can integrate and make some awesome work. 

It includes 100 + characters, punctuations, numbers, alternates, simple installation, and much more. 

24. Aprila Font Family

Hippie Fonts

Aprila is the last one in this list of best hippie fonts and this font family includes around 7 different fonts in it. Using this font you can create imaginary visions, colorful stuff, etc. 

It has around 6 weights and supports around 75+languages. 

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That was all about the best hippie fonts. Almost every font listed is best and unique giving you retro vibes. 

I hope this list of hippie fonts help you find the perfect font for your project.

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