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5+ Best Matrix Fonts That Are Modern & Futuristic

Matrix. The term itself sounds so futuristic and searching for fonts that will give us the futuristic or innovative feel is super exciting. There are fonts for almost every occasion and work. Likewise, these modern yet futuristic cum matrix fonts will take us into the world of imagination and break the boundaries of appearing cool and creative. 

I assume you must be looking for the best matrix fonts as you have landed on this article. In this article, we have collected some best matrix fonts and have briefly described them. You can check out the link and get the best one selected to mold the thing you are working on to make it perfect. 

Thus without any more delay let us get started. 

Best Matrix Fonts

Here is the list of handpicked best matrix fonts that you must check out. 

1. Program Font

And the first one in this list of best matrix fonts is program font. This font exerts cool vibes from it and is crafted as a fun font. If you are into things like games, web designs, social media, branding, etc then this font suits them the best. 

Best Matrix Fonts

Moreover, you will get multilingual support, extended Latin and Cyrillic letters support, and web fonts such as TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF2. 

Let us further move on to our next font which is named pixel bit typeface. 

2. Pixel Bit Typeface

Pixel bit typeface is another one of the best matrix fonts and this will give us a glimpse or feel of the future with its pixels fading in or out. This is also a display typeface and is a modern, unique, and interesting one that you can consider. 

Best Matrix Fonts

What things will you get? Well, uppercase lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and symbols. Furthermore one can use this pixel-bit typeface for many purposes like logo designing, apparel, titles, headers, merchandise, social media handles, branding, greeting cards, quotes, etc. Let us now check out another font in this list of best matrix fonts. 

3. LED Dot- Matrix Font

LED dot is yet another one of the best matrix fonts. LED dots, as the name suggests, have dots in them. The font or the letter is made out of little bold dots and hence the name says dot matrix. 

Best Matrix Fonts

It is a pretty good font and can be used for many things like presentation headings, magazines, posters, etc. This font will add fun, cool, and cherishing nature to your work or art. 

Moreover, you will get OTF, EOT, WOFF, and TTF font formats in this font named LED dot matrix font. 

4. Technoboard – Circuit Board Font

Technohoard is also a great one in this list of best matrix fonts and I’m sure you will like this one too. This font brings that circuit kind of vibes to the projects, all its letters are a little bold and are in the shape of circuit wires. 

Best Matrix Fonts

Like many fonts, you will get all uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuation in this font file. It is a futuristic SciFi display font and can be used in many projects like posters, headers, branding, T-shirts, apparel, branding, logo designing, packaging, etc. 

Also, you will get file formats such as OTF, TTF, and WOFF. 

5. MAZE – Technical Typeface

Maze, as the name sounds, is another one in this list of best matrix fonts that will take you in the future and make you feel it more. The letters are just like a maze and will puzzle you somewhere taking you to the future. 

Best Matrix Fonts

One can use this font for their creative projects and is best if you want to give it a futuristic approach. This maze font zip file includes TTF and OTF files with installation instructions. This font is for real good and can be used for many of your amazing and innovative artworks or projects. And now we will see font number six in this list of best matrix fonts.  

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6. Square Dot – Matrix Display Font

This matrix font named square dot matrix is just like the above one named LED dot matrix except for the fact that this font has dots in the shape of squares and all the letters are made out of small bit squares. 

Best Matrix Fonts

The font looks vibrant, cool, and light-hearted. One can use it for many creative, fun, and exciting projects or things. Also, you will get file formats such as OTF, TTF, and WOFF in this zip file. Now let us see liquid LCD pixel fonts in this list of best matrix fonts. 

7. Liquid LCD Pixel Font

And the next font here in the collection of best matrix fonts is liquid LCD pixel font. This font is generally used on liquid displays such as Hitachi HD44780. One will also get alternative characters with full height for accented characters. 

Best Matrix Fonts

Moreover, you will get 28x OpenType and WOFF designed for layering. One can also switch between monospaced and proportional spacing and background styles, and this font will also provide you with 865 glyphs. Also, liquid LCD pixel font supports around 37 languages. 

8. Matrix Font – Technology & Modern

And the last one in this list of best matrix fonts is a font named matrix itself. This font works for both PC and Mac without giving any trouble and has easy installation. Matrix font best fits posters, flyers, wedding invitations, branding, logos, invitations, label, photography, watermarks, etc. 

Best Matrix Fonts

The font comes in a modern style named regular and has a good impressive style making it obvious that it is a matrix font. 

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Those were some of the best matrix fonts which you can checkout without having any doubt and choose the one that best fits your needs. 

I hope this list helps you find the right Matrix font for your project.

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