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15 Best Birthday Fonts Perfect For Celebrations

Birthdays are super exciting and have become important days of one’s life. We tend to wish our loved ones in the best possible ways and make their day special. Sometimes a few words are enough to win hearts and make them feel happy. 

Here are some best birthday fonts that you can use to add beauty to those words not just for birthdays but, various other events such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, logo designing, apparel, and many other things where you want to get that realistic, funny, cozy, and natural flair maybe. 

Without any more delay, let us jump onto the list of the best birthday fonts. 

Best Birthday Fonts

Here is the list of the best birthday fonts that you must check out. 

1. Nafasyah

Best Birthday Fonts

This hand-lettered font is as unique and creative as its name is. Nafasyah is a great font that you can use for birthday themes and add your personal touch to it. 

The set includes features such as uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, figures, and also some special things like alternates, ligatures, etc. Moreover, to make your artwork awesome you also get swashes and doodles to enhance. 

2. Baby Valentina

Best Birthday Fonts

Baby Valentina as the name sounds is a romantic and cozy font that you can use for birthday greeting cards, parties, wedding invitations, love quotes, valentine’s day greeting cards, etc. 

Also, this baby Valentina font has all the glyphs and swashes in PUA encoded so that you can use them with ease. 

3. Hugs & Kisses

Best Birthday Fonts

Hugs and kisses are another great one in this list of best birthday fonts. The font gives us that fun and bubbly effect on anything we are making whether it’s a greeting card for a birthday, party, or wedding. 

The font gives us light-hearted and nice vibes. It includes most of the accent characters and one can convert the text into balloons by simply adding bracket symbols to letters. 

4. Birthday Party

Best Birthday Fonts

Another decent one among the best birthday fonts is a birthday party. This font is fun, friendly, and quirky. It possesses handwritten letters to make it more natural. 

This font is best suitable for T-shirts, logos, quotes, mugs, invitations, headings, and many more such things. 

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5. Unicorn Express

Best Birthday Fonts

Unicorn Express is yet another font among the best birthday fonts that give us some playful and joyous vibes. It is a kind of display typeface and the strokes of letters are cute and fairy-like at the same time. 

One can use this font for creating birthday banners, headings, social media content, magazine, celebrations, etc. 

6. Birthday Cake

Best Birthday Fonts

This is yet another fun and handwritten font named birthday cake and is quite good to consider. The font has all caps in it and those caps look totally quirky.

If you are working on things like logos, signs, SVG files, circuit projects, greeting cards, and many such things.  

7. Baby Gentha

Best Birthday Fonts

Baby Gentha is a romantic yet elegant font with a casual touch. You will find the calligraphic letters dancing and the font also has open type features like ligatures and supports multilingual and alternate characters. 

You can use this font for letterheads, news, posters, labels, cards, invitations, shirts, etc. It’s a stylish and cute font set. 

8. Sweet Cake Font

Best Birthday Fonts

And another one in this list of best birthday fonts is sweet cake font. When you use this font in your artwork or greetings you will see that it appears as sweet as cake. 

In this font, you will get access to a zip pack that has all the zip files, as also sweet cakes, and layers. 

9. Baby Sweet

Best Birthday Fonts

Now baby sweet is also a good one among the best birthday fonts. The font appears to be lovely and exquisite. Like many fonts, this one also has OpenType features and you can use them with Adobe CS illustrator, photoshop CC, etc.

Moreover, you can use this font for making various greeting cards, invitations, logo designing, branding, watermarks, photography, etc. 

10. Ashadiya 

Best Birthday Fonts

Ashadiya is an incredible font and you can certainly consider it for designing stationery, designs, social media posts, invitations, layouts, etc. 

You will get around 365 glyphs and several OpenType features such as swash, stylistic set, stylistic alternates, and contextual alternates. The font is PUA encoded and can be used easily. 

11. Calligraphy Greeting

Best Birthday Fonts

And here is another font among the best birthday fonts which is calligraphy greeting. The name says how it would look and what it is made of. 

Yes, the font has calligraphic nature and is cute to make your best and lovely greeting cards, birthday banners, postcards, decorations, etc. this is a display lettering and looks great. 

12. Lovely Style

Best Birthday Fonts

Lovely Style is a decent one in this list of best birthday fonts. Lovely style as the name suggests calligraphic flair in it and is pretty. 

What will you get? You will get access to all the uppercase and lowercase characters, alternates, titling, swashes, ligatures, multiple languages support punctuations, and numerals.

One can use this font for invitations, Christmas, Easter, quotes, romantic moments, banners, posters, etc. You will also get a guide to decorating easily. 

13. Bodega Script Elegant Font

Best Birthday Fonts

Bodega script is a remarkably elegant font that is beautiful and classic. Wanna bring that appealing effect to your work then this font is best. It is a decorative font and also has a modern twist to it. 

This font best works for packaging designs, fashion labels, custom cards, wine labels, vintage logos, badges, and many more such things. 

You will find that it has many ligatures because it has fancy letter connections. You will also get a few alternates to make it more stylish. 

14. Bloomishly Brush Font

Best Birthday Fonts

Bloomishly brush font is the kind of font that brings in flirtatious nature along with fun and laughter. It is a playful and bouncy lettered font that is good for many things such as branding designs, logo making, labels, headings, titles, magazine layouts, homeware, invitations, and prints. 

One will get four variants of this font- regular, broad, Italic, and broad Italic with OTF and TTF file formats. It also has OpenType features such as multilingual support, ligatures, and access to alternates.  

15. Quirky Spring

Best Birthday Fonts

Quirky spring is the last one on this list of best birthday fonts however is no less than any other font listed. Quirky spring is undoubtedly a playful and uneven font that brings a smile and laughs to your face. 

This font is a universal and modern one that will aid in designing birthday cards, baby showers, vacations, printed cards, quotes, flyers, headings, packaging, apparel design, etc. You will get 3 OTF fonts which are regular, outline, and symbol. 

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Above were some of the best birthday fonts that would make your greeting cards, banners, events, and events more magical. 

Hope you found the article helpful, let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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