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10 Best Rustic Fonts That Have A Vintage & Grungy Look

Want that rugged and beautiful touch to your project? Then you must be looking for fonts that bring in the calm, breezy, and countryside feel fonts. Rustic fonts have brush strokes, and calligraphic visuals, and are nature inspired. 

These fonts will indeed tell the story or message you wanna tell in your project to your audience, you may want it to be aesthetic, and elegant,  displaying the organic warmth of woody and rusty nature altogether. 

Undoubtedly rustic fonts are best at doing what they are made for and are indeed great fonts for designers to consider. Therefore in this article, we have made a list of the best rustic fonts for you to make your task of finding one easy. Without any more delay let us get started! 

Best Rustic Fonts

Here is the list of the best rustic fonts you must check out. 

1. Old Scotch Typeface

The name sounds antique and the font is as unique as the name is. Old Scotch is a font family with around 7 different fonts in it, which are: Clean, Regular, Regular Shadow, Modern, Rusty, Vintage, and Vintage Shadow. 

Rustic Fonts

If you like the aesthetic and vintage looks and want to show it in your work then this font is best suitable. It will be classic in nature and also works well with the majority of graphics and vintage projects. 

You will get uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and special characters, and it also supports international language with OTF and TTF file formats. Let us see another one in this list of best rustic fonts. 

2. Broadway – Rustic Font

And the next one on this list is Broadway- rustic font. This font is inspired by the vintage script but still brings out both modern and vintage vibes to your project. 

Rustic Fonts

You can explore the font file as it has 8 different fonts in it made of sans serif regular and condensed for the project you need. Also, one can use this font for projects such as quotes, headings, magazines, posters, logo designing, product, design, brands, etc. You will also get character alternates and also glyphs to make things better. 

3. Rustic Font

The rustic font is also a good one in this list of best rustic fonts and has around 13 amazing fonts. All of these fonts are handcrafted and beautifully written. 

Rustic Fonts

These fonts complement each other and will add flair to your project if you can also use a few fonts together according to your project. Also, this font is of open type format and can be used for many software designs. Moreover, you will get multilingual support along with all the uppercase and lowercase characters such as Basic Latin, Western European, Euro

4. Mustang – Vintage Font

Mustang as the name sounds is both royal and rustic font giving pretty awesome vibes. You can certainly consider this font if you want to attract people to your work and get a groovy and classic feel to the project. 

Rustic Fonts

Now, this font includes all capital letters, numerals, marks, and punctuation, and you can use it for posters, labels, headlines, quotes, apparel, logos, etc. 

5. Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket is yet another of the best rustic fonts and will definitely get you into that countryside rustic vibe. This font illustrates rough strokes of letters made with a brush. 

Rustic Fonts

So if you are craving to bring that messy and at the same time good aesthetics to your project then this is the one you can consider. This font also gives you an edge over others and will indeed impress anyone. It includes both TTF and OTF file formats. 

6. Redvolve Typeface

And the next one is the Redvovle typeface. It is a great font family in this list of best rustic fonts and I’m sure you will like it. It contains 6 cool fonts and also extras. The six styles include Clean, Shadow, Press, Press Shadow, Press2 & Press2 Shadow. 

Rustic Fonts

If you are wishing to have a vintage touch to your work then this font does the work. It is inspired by beer and brewery, one can add alternate characters and ornaments to bring the vintage effect to it. 

Furthermore, you will get all the uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, special characters, alternates, ornaments, catchwords, and multilingual support. 

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7. The Painter

Now this font which is named after the painter is inspired by traditional sign painting and brush lettering. The font looks cool and cherishing and includes two styles, regular and rusty. 

Rustic Fonts

The font is of OpenType format and has alternate characters which have OpenType features like contextual alternate, fina, swash, stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, ligature, etc. 

One can use this font for headers, covers, magazines, printed quotes, logo design, branding Instagram, etc. 

8. Beats – Rustic Font

Beats is quite different from other fonts in this list of best rustic fonts and the letters are handwritten like you are a little messy and give the child vibes. This font is intended especially for long wording, badges, logo, lettering, book covers, etc.

Rustic Fonts

Moreover, you will get an OTF file, a texture brush pack in png format, that has all the uppercase and lowercase characters in it. Let us now check out the next one among the best rustic fonts. 

9. Rusty Cola Pen

This font will help you get custom hand lettering in your work. Rusty cola pen is a hand-painted typeface. It comprises uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation. 

Rustic Fonts

Moreover, rusty cola will be best for projects such as Logos, Print Ads, quotes, Digital Ads, posters, Promotion Products, video bumper, and many such things. 

And you will also get stylistic alternate characters for lowercase which you can access through Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It has two styles: rustic cola regular and rusty cola all caps. 

10. Bohem Typeface

And the last one in this list of best rustic fonts is the Bohem Typeface. Bohem is no less than others here and is a vintage label font. This font looks classic and vintage. 

Rustic Fonts

The fonts come in 5 different styles which are Clean, Shadow, Press, Press Shadow, and Vintage. You can use this font in things such as vintage design, invitations, quotes, t-shirts, label poster branding, logos, product packaging, and many more. 

Moreover, you will get uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, alternates, ligatures, and supports multiple languages. 

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These were some of the best rustic fonts you can check out and select accordingly that best fit your project. 

Hope you like our list of the best rustic fonts and find the one you were looking for.

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