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15 Best Vest Mockups & PSD Templates [2024]

Life Jacket Mockups

Looking for the best vest mockups? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll be sharing the best vest mockups and PSD templates for your design projects and client presentations.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Best Vest Mockup PSD Templates

Below is the list of the best vest mockups & PSD graphic templates on the Internet.

1. Denim Bikers Vest Mockup

Denim biker’s vest mockup is the first one in this list of best vest mockups. As the name suggests your designs of vests for bikers can be showcased in an efficient way using this mockup. 

You will get 3 PSD files using which you can show the front and back views of vests. 

Denim Bikers Vest Mockup

2. Men’s Cycling Vest Mockup

Visualize your vest designs for people who cycle using this amazing mockup. You can showcase designs including elastic waistbands, high-rise collars, etc. 

You can display realistic designs and you will also get smart object features. 

Men’s Cycling Vest Mockup

3. Baby Boy Vest Mockup

Designing children’s clothes? If yes, then this mockup is for as the name implies. It gives you high resolution and easy customization. Also, you can showcase a cotton vest including a jacket and bodysuit.

Baby Boy Vest Mockup

4. Safety Vest PSD Mockup

And the next one is a safety vest mockup. This one gives quite good details regarding design and has good resolution. It is also compatible with printed design.

Safety Vest PSD Mockup

5. Men’s Cycling Vest Mockup

This is another mockup for people designing cycling vests. You can create impressive presentations and grab attention for your work. These templates will not even take much time of yours. 

Men’s Cycling Vest Mockup

6. Life Jacket Mockups

Now, this one is to present life jacket designs. The better you present the more you attract, with this template you can do that. You will get 4 PSD files and it has organized layers and customizable options. 

Life Jacket Mockups

7. Matte Down Vest Mockup

Now, you can use this mockup if you are into designing vests for outdoor sports like trekking, hiking, etc. The front half side of your design can be shown and it is fairly simple to use. 

Matte Down Vest Mockup

8. Women’s Vest Mockup

And in this list of best vest mockups, this one’s for women cyclists. Yes, high-quality nylon material, sturdy zip, and all the features of your vest design can be shown effectively. 

Women’s Vest Mockup

9. Puffer Vest Mockup

This sleeveless jacket or puffer vest design can be shown flawlessly to your clients using this template. It has 5 PSD files and you can add anything from your fabric design to branding logos etc. 

Puffer Vest Mockup

10. Matte Down Vest Mockup

Another good one on this list is the matte-down vest. This can be used for outdoor activities like trekking etc. One can add their design easily to all the parts and can showcase the front design of the vest. 

Matte Down Vest Mockup

11. Cycling Vest Mockup

Yet another best cycling vest mockup. This set contains 4 PSD files and all have distinct views. It has a resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels and it is easy to use with organized layers. 

Cycling Vest Mockup

12. Vest Mockup

This one is for casual or sporty vests. You can present your amazing design using this mockup and also save much time as this is entirely easy to use and is also effective. 

Vest Mockup

13. Men’s Cycling Wind Vest

You can also use this mockup to display your vest designs for cyclists. This mockup includes vest features such as the stand-up collar, bidirectional zipper, armholes, three rear pockets, etc. 

Men’s Cycling Wind Vest

14. Vest or Sleeveless Jacket

Call it a vest or sleeveless jacket. This mockup assists you in displaying both the apparel efficiently. It contains 4 PSD files and has a resolution of 2000 x2000 pixels. 

Vest or Sleeveless Jacket

15. Matte Down Vest Mockup

Matte-down vest mockup is the last one in this list of best vest mockups. You can demonstrate stylish and sophisticated vest designs using this mockup. It is simple to use and can show the back view of the design. 

Matte Down Vest Mockup


That’s all for our list of the best vest mockups. I hope this list will help you find the right mockup you were looking for.

If you’re looking for more premium mockups and templates, then do check out Envato Elements where can find lots of mockups, templates, illustrations, icons, fonts, etc.

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