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15+ Soap Box Mockups & PSD Templates For 2024

Soap Cube Mockup

Looking for some soap box mockups and templates? You’ve come just to the right place!

In this list, I’ve compiled some of the greatest premium quality soap box mockups available on different design marketplaces. Now, you no longer have to search around for the best mockups in multiple places.

That being said, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Soap Box Mockup PSD Templates

Below is the list of some of the best soap box mockups & PSD templates on the market right now!

1. Opened Box Mockup

Opened Box Mockup

And the first one in this list of best soapbox mockups is opened box mockups. Using this mockup you can show the opened views of a soapbox and its interior design easily. 

It also has smart objects and special layers, you can only purchase this on yellow images. It is incredibly simple to use and has many good features. 

2. Soap Box Mockups

Soap Box Mockups

Another good mockup in this list of best soapbox mockups. You can use this one to advertise your soap box packaging efficiently. You will get 4 PSD files along with well-managed layers. 

It also has a high resolution, smart object features, easy customization and editing, and high quality. Let us check out the next one on the list of best soapbox mockups. 

3. Craft Soap Box Mockups

Craft Soap Box Mockups

And this one is a decent mockup in the best soapbox mockups. You can elegantly display your design of soap boxes to impress your customers or clients effectively.

It lets you have 4 PSD files and you can view different sides of them. Furthermore, you will get well-organized layers, and smart object features to customize.

4. Paper Box Mockup

Paper Box Mockup

And the 4th one. You will get this mockup in yellow images and can purchase it from there only. It provides smart objects and special layers. These make it easy to customize changes in the design. 

Also, the soap box or the design is presented in the half side, or high-angle shot. Overall the mockup is good and you can check it out.

5. Square Soap Box Mockups

Square Soap Box Mockups

The square soap box mockup is yet another one on the list and as the name says you can display square-shaped boxes. It has around 5 PSD files and rich features. 

One can edit the design and almost every element of it easily. You can change the color, background, texture, shadows, and much more accordingly. It does have high resolution and smart objects.

6. Soaps Mockup

Soaps Mockup

This is another one in this list of best soapbox mockups. This mockup appears simple and elegant and thus you can show your design in a classy way. 

It also supports smart object features to make changes quickly. You only have to drag and drop your designs to add to the layer. Let us jump onto the next soapbox mockup. 

7. Free Soap Box Mockup

Free Soap Box Mockup

The best part about this mockup is that it is a free mockup with good features for us. One can easily apply their labels, and color, and change other parts of their design using the smart objects layer provided. 

Moreover, these presentations appear realistic and therefore it’s a good way to display your soap box packaging realistically. 

8. Packaging Box & Soap Mockup

Packaging Box & Soap Mockup

Another one in the best soapbox mockup. This mockup lets you display soap box packaging along with a soap to its next. You will get features like the ones above in this mockup also. 

Furthermore, you will get 5 PSD files and different views of each. One can customize their design according to their brand requirements and wishes. 

9. Soaps Mockup

Soaps Mockup

This one is an incredibly simple and easy-to-use mockup. Using this mockup you can showcase and display your soap and its design effectively.

It has a resolution of 300 dpi and is of premium quality. You will also get smart object features to make editing easy. 

10. Soap Mockup

Soap Mockup

And this one is also good and can be considered. This mockup provides you with 2 PSD files. It has organized layers, a high resolution of around 6000 x 4500 pixels, and some other features. 

You will also get smart object layers with a changeable background and color of soap packaging. 

11. Soap Box Mockup

Soap Box Mockup

And the 11th one on this list. This mockup is one of the best in this list of best soapbox mockups and I’m sure you will like it. You will get many features from smart object layers to organized layers. 

You will also get metal and gold layers for customization. Moreover, it renders high-resolution and realistic effects. Let’s quickly see what our next mockup has in it for us. 

12. Soaps Mockup

Soaps Mockup

This one is yet another soap box mockup and like above it offers quite similar features. It offers features such as smart object layers, a good resolution of 300 dpi, and organized layers.

Furthermore, you can change the colors of parts by using solid color layers, and you can simply drag and drop your design.

13. Soap Mockup

Soap Mockup

And this is a premium-quality mockup that you can use to showcase your design packaging. You can display your design efficiently and effortlessly to your clients and investors.

You just have to drag and drop your design to add it to the layers and it has a resolution of 300 dpi. You can certainly check it out once.

14. Free Soap Packaging Mockup

Free Soap Packaging Mockup

Another refreshing soap mockup. This mockup is free to use and you don’t have to purchase it. One can use this mockup to efficiently present the design of the packaging soap.

It is the best mockup for advertising, package design, branding projects, and many more. You will get scenes with colored flowers and other related things. 

15. Soap Packaging Mockup

Soap Packaging Mockup

And the 15th one is also a good mockup and can be considered to use in your presentations on the soap box packaging. It has similar features to the ones above.

Moreover, you will have a resolution of 300 dpi. It is simple and easy to use with smart object features. One can also use it for commercial purposes. 

16. Soap Bar Mockup

Soap Bar Mockup

Another soap bar mockup in this list of best soapbox mockups. I suppose you will like this for how simple and decent it appears and slays in it. You will get well-organized layers and smart objects to edit your design conveniently.

Furthermore, it’s simple to use and has a background included. 

17. Soap Cube Mockup

Soap Cube Mockup

Okay, this one is certainly great in this list of best soap box mockups. You can showcase your design in an incredibly good way as this mockup lets you show 7 views of it and easy navigation and realistic effect. 

It’s suitable for both dark and bright backgrounds and has a high pixel resolution of 4000 x2670. Moreover, you will have an automatic background perspective and organized layers and folders.

18. Soap Packaging – Mockup

Soap Packaging - Mockup

The last one in this list of best soapbox mockups. This one too is pretty good to use and has all the decent features you might be looking for. It has smart object layers, organized layers that are easy to edit and customize, and a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels. 

You can also change the background color and color of your design. It also provides you with a help file for guidelines. 


So, that is our huge list of the best soapbox PSD mockups and templates. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect mockup for your project from this list.

Looking for more mockups & templates? Then check out Envato Elements where you can find thousands of high-quality mockups, graphic templates, premium fonts, beautiful illustrations, icons, and more.

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