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20+ Best Socks Mockups & PSD Templates For Your Projects

Socks Mockup Set

Are you looking for some good socks mockups? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll be sharing my collection of the best PSD socks mockups and templates perfect for your graphic design projects and presentations.

In this list, you’ll find mockups for socks, sports socks, long socks, baby socks, and more.

That being said, let’s get started.

Best Socks Mockup PSD Templates

Here are the best socks PSD mockups & templates perfect for your projects.

1. Sports Socks – Mockup

The first one in this list of best socks mockups is studio innate sports socks. You can easily present your design of socks with these mockups. It has one fully customizable PSD file and is compatible with any color.

Sports Socks - Mockup

2. Socks Mockup Set

This one is from the mockup club and it has a set of 8 different mockups. You will get features such as background transparency, organized layers and folders, extracted shadows, and yes photorealistic touch with high resolution. 

Socks Mockup Set

3. Sock PSD Mockup

And this one can also be considered to visualize your sock design efficiently. The socks can be designed for any sport, be it football, cycling, travel, etc. The mockup is a mixture of both crisp and realistic effects. 

Sock PSD Mockup

4. Socks Mockup

One can make use of this mockup to make impressive presentations. It has 4 PSD files and is fully editable. Moreover, it also has organized layers and has pretty good resolution. 

Socks Mockup

5. Long Socks Mockup

Another good mockup to showcase the apparel design is this one. You can present the design of long socks in high resolution. One can display their design in single foot or as complete attire. 

Long Socks Mockup

6. Classic Socks 9x Mockups

White Mocca mockups are another best one on this list. People can use this template to showcase some classic designs of socks and impress clients. Also, smart objects make customizations and adding your design easy. 

Classic Socks 9x Mockups

7. Socks 3D Mockup

And this one is a high-resolution 3D mockup. One can perfectly present their 3D designs effectively and you will get 5 different PSD files to choose from. 

Socks 3D Mockup

8. Socks Mockup Set

This one is yet another nice mockup in this list of best socks. You will get 8 PSD files and one can change the color and design easily. 

Socks Mockup Set

9. Socks Mockup

And with this mockup you can showcase your apparel design in the front view and high resolution. It contains special layers and smart objects. 

Socks Mockup

10. Socks Mockup Set

This template is also a decent one to display your aesthetic design of apparel. It has 4 PSD files and you can customize almost every part of the design. 

Socks Mockup Set

11. Socks Label Mockups

Grab attention from people for your packaging or socks design using this mockup. You will get 6 pad files and all the files are organized plus an adjustable background.

Socks Label Mockups

12. Socks Mockup

If you want to present basketball crew socks efficiently then you must check out this one. This template is customizable and you can make eye-catching presentations. 

Socks Mockup

13. Sublimation Tube Socks Mockup Set

Sublimation tube socks mockup is also a great one you may consider to illustrate your work or design effectively to your clients. It contains 7 PSD files and all the necessary features. 

Sublimation Tube Socks Mockup Set

14. Socks Mockup Template

This mockup has a high resolution of 4000×3000 pixels and you can use it commercially as well as personally. You can edit textures, backgrounds, colors, etc. 

Socks Mockup Template

15. No Show Socks Mockup

The No show socks mockup as the name suggests is interesting and I suppose you will like the decency and features of this mockup. 

No Show Socks Mockup

16. Socks Mockup – Top View

The sock mockup is yet another one to impress your clients. You can illustrate sports, traveling, school, and other sock designs using this mockup. 

Socks Mockup - Top View

17. Cycling Socks 3 Types Mockup

Another mockup to demonstrate your designs effectively is the cycling socks mockup. This is a high-quality realistic mockup with quite good resolution. You can also preview the design in long and short by size. 

Cycling Socks 3 Types Mockup

18. Baby Socks 2 Mockup Set

If you are designing socks for babies and toddlers then this one’s for you. You will get 4 PSD files with all the customization features. 

Baby Socks 2 Mockup Set

19. Socks Mockup

You can display high-quality content knit and craft socks using this mockup. It’s one of the perfect templates to showcase your designs. 

Socks Mockup

20. Low Cut Socks 2 Mockup Set

Low-cut socks mockup as the name indicates you can display such designs efficiently and can customize accordingly. It also has well-organized layers. 

Low Cut Socks 2 Mockup Set

21. Calf Sock Mockups

AS color mockup is also a good one to consider and includes 8 PSD files with 4K resolution. It helps you choose the right color with a custom color picker. 

Calf Sock Mockups

22. Short Toe Socks Mockup

And the last one. Showcase your latest socks design using this mockup and make your work stand out. You can present the item in front view and have both special layers and smart objects. 

Short Toe Socks Mockup


So, that’s all for our list of the best sock mockups and PSD templates. I hope this list will help you find the right mockup for your project.

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