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15+ Realistic Shampoo Bottle Mockups & PSD Templates

Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup

Looking for the best shampoo bottle mockups? You’re at the right place!

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best shampoo bottle PSD mockups and templates ideal for any design project or presentation. This list is hand-picked and contains only the best mockups to help you choose the right one with ease.

That being said, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Shampoo Bootle Mockup PSD Templates

Below is the list of some of the best shampoo mockups & PSD templates on the market right now!

1. Bali Cosmetic Photo Mockup Bundle

The first one in this list is the Bali cosmetic photo mockup bundle. This mockup will make your job of efficiently presenting your mockup easier. You can edit almost every element of your design accordingly. 

Bali Cosmetic Photo Mockup Bundle

2. Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Another one is a shampoo bottle mockup and has 5 PSD files. One can easily edit and customize using smart objects. You will get a resolution of 3750 x 2500 pixels. It has organized layers and you can change the color of both the cap and bottle. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

3. Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Yet another nice one in this list of best shampoo bottle mockups. It is of high quality and you can adjust your design using smart objects. Moreover, it has a resolution of 5000 x 5000 pixels and you can use it for commercial purposes. 

Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

4. Shampoo Bottle Mockup Set

This one is also a good shampoo bottle mockup set and I suppose you will like it. You will get 4 PSD files and all have different views. Furthermore, it is Amazon Ready and all the layers are well organized. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup Set

5. Shampoo Bottle Mockup

 If you want to display your modern design shampoo bottles this one is really good. One can show the sleek design of the bottle efficiently using this template. It has both smart layers and special layers. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

6. Metallic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

This is another nice mockup to display your amazing design of modern shampoo bottles and grab the attention of the right audience. You should check it out and see if it fits you. 

Metallic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

7. Cosmetic Mockup Set

Cosmetic mockup set as the name suggests has a bundle of mockups and is high in resolution. It has around 13 PSD files and almost all the elements are customizable. You can also use smart objects to adjust the design. 

Cosmetic Mockup Set

8. Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Another good one to effectively display your cosmetic product designs is this one. You can either choose matte or glossy for labels and transparent caps. It is easy to use and can be used for creative purposes. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

9. Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup

Yet another easy-to-edit mockup that will help you showcase your shampoo bottle designs. Everything from the shampoo bottle’s label to the color and box can be customized. 

Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup

10. Long Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Exhibit your stunning designs of hair care or cosmetic products using this exclusive mockup. It is convenient to use and you can display a plastic bottle and customize your design. 

Long Shampoo Bottle Mockup

11. Shampoo Bottle Mockup 002

With this mockup, you can submit professionally edited designs to your clients and impress them. It has 3 PSD files and 4000 x 3000-pixel resolution.

Shampoo Bottle Mockup 002

12. Glossy Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Shampoo, conditioner, or gel can display the design of any product using this mockup. Also, this will help you showcase sleek and modern design. It has smart objects and is available on the Yellow Pages. 

Glossy Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

13. Cosmetic Bottles Mockup Vol.1

This is another mockup to present your designs of cosmetic bottles. The shape of the bottle is Boston round and has 11 editable elements. You can easily edit using smart objects and it has a pretty good resolution.

Cosmetic Bottles Mockup Vol.1

14. PSD Shampoo Bottle Mockup

One can consider using this mockup too as it is made to give more professional vibes. You can manipulate your design via smart objects and present your polished design efficiently.

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

15. Shampoo Bottle Mockup PSD

This one is a photorealistic mockup containing three views which are front, back, and side. You can customize pretty much everything and it has organized layers and folders. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

16. Shampoo Bottle Mockup Template

You can use this one to showcase various cosmetic bottle mockups effectively. It has all the features you will need. 

Shampoo Bottle Mockup Template

17. Pump Bottle Mockup

Pump bottle mockup is also a good one in this list of best shampoo bottle mockups. It will give you a matte-finished look and is easy to edit. 

Pump Bottle Mockup

18. Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup

Another and last one in this list of best shampoo bottle mockups is decent. You can efficiently visualize your design using this template. It does have special layers and smart objects. 

Plastic Shampoo Bottle Mockup


That’s all for our list of the best shampoo bottle mockups. Hopefully, this list will help you pick the right mockups for your project.

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