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20+ Best Napkin Mockups PSD Templates For Presentation

Paper Napkins Mockup Set

Looking for napkin mockups? You’ve landed in the right place!

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best napkin mockups and PSD templates out there.

This list contains some of the best premium mockups for napkins that can be used for client presentations. Whether it’s regular napkins, paper napkins, or dinner napkins, this list has got it all!

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Best Napkin Mockup PSD Templates

Here are the best napkin box mockups & PSD templates for your projects.

1. Paper Napkin Mockup

The first one on this list is a paper napkin mockup. It has pretty good resolution and you will have a single PSD file with glass stain. Also, it offers realistic lights and texture treatments.

Paper Napkin Mockup

2. Dinner Napkin With Cutlery Mockup

dinner napkins with cutlery mockup is again one of the best ones and one can not only the design of the napkin but also the cutlery with it. It also has organized color code and smart object support. 

Dinner Napkin With Cutlery Mockup

3. Napkin Mockup – Half Side View

The napkin mockup is also a decent one on this list and I suppose you should check it. You can have a half-side view. It will give you a realistic kitchen setting feel. 

Napkin Mockup - Half Side View

4. Paper Napkin Mockups

Paper napkin mockups have 6 PSD files in them. It has smart object support and you can adjust colors and backgrounds. 

Paper Napkin Mockups

5. Napkins Mockup – Top View

One can use this mockup to showcase the top view of napkins. It is easy to display the sleek and modern design of napkins using this mockup.

Napkins Mockup - Top View

6. Square Paper Napkins Mock-Up

Square paper napkins are also a good one in this list and as the name suggests you can showcase paper napkin design and edit elements accordingly. 

Square Paper Napkins Mock-Up

7. Square Paper Napkin Mockups

Paper tissues and handkerchief brand designs can be efficiently presented using this mockup. It includes 4 PSDs and all the layers are organized.

Square Paper Napkin Mockups

8. Napkin Box Mockup

The Napkin box mockup has 6 PSD files in it and has quite good resolution. All the elements are editable and have organized layers and folders. 

Napkin Box Mockup

9. Napkin Mockup

This one’s also nice in this list of best napkin mockups. You will get around 3 smart objects for each layer which makes editing and adding design easier. 

Napkin Mockup

10. Paper Napkin Mockup

Beautiful and patterned tissue napkins made of cellulose can be showcased in a pretty good way using this mockup. It does include special layers and smart objects. 

Paper Napkin Mockup

11. Paper Napkin Mockup

Paper napkin mockups can also be considered to promote your brand designs and gain more consumers. It has a pretty good resolution. 

Paper Napkin Mockup

12. Takeout Cutlery Mockup

Another unique and amazing mockup to easily present your designs. It gives you photorealistic results and can change the color of the background, or napkin. 

Takeout Cutlery Mockup

13. Textured Napkin Mockup

Textured napkin mockup is also a great one in this list and you will get a resolution of 6000 x 6000 pixels. It does help you impress clients. 

Textured Napkin Mockup

14. Fabric Scarf Mockup

Yet another beautiful mockup in this list is the fabric scarf mockup. One can edit the scarf design, stitch color, and background color. You will get one PSD file and all the layers are organized. 

Fabric Scarf Mockup

15. Glossy Napkin Mockup

The glossy mockup as the name sounds is certainly a classy and modern template for your amazing designs. You must not miss this one before proceeding. 

Glossy Napkin Mockup

16. Napkin Box Mockup

Curve napkin mockup contains 5 pre-made PSD files and is fully editable. You can adjust the shading and textures. All the layers and folders are optimized. 

Napkin Box Mockup

17. Custom Printed Napkin 12x Mock-ups

Custom printed napkin mockup is another good one and you will get two PSD files in it. There are 12 views and it is simple to use. It also has well-organized layers and an isolated background. 

Custom Printed Napkin 12x Mock-ups

18. Paper Napkins Mockup Set

Paper napkin mockup can also be considered. The best part is you will get 16 PSD files with a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels. The color of cutlery can be changed and it has organized layers.

Paper Napkins Mockup Set

19. Cotton Napkin Mock-up

Cotton napkin mockup is also a decent one in this list with pretty much all the features. One can change design parts like font, color, edges, background, etc. 

Cotton Napkin Mock-up

20. Napkins Mockup – Top View

This is another good one to showcase high-quality resolution presentations. Also, it is ideal for marketing your designs and attracting your clients. 

Napkins Mockup - Top View

21. Napkin Mockup Set

The Napkin mockup set gives you 10 PSD files and has a high resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels. Moreover, it has well-organized layers and is easy to use. 

Napkin Mockup Set

22. Chopsticks & Napkin Mockup Set

Chopsticks and napkin mockup set includes 4 PSD files and 6000 x 4000 pixels. One can change the color and design of the background. It is simple and will give your project an edge over others. 

Chopsticks & Napkin Mockup Set

23. Plate & Napkin Mockup

The plate and napkin mockup is simple and has features such as 2 editable plates, 1 editable side plate, and 2 editable napkins. 

Plate & Napkin Mockup

24. Free Paper Napkins Mockup

Free paper napkin mockup is the last one and is suitable for kid’s parties, special events, etc. The template has a simple structure and organized layers.

Free Paper Napkins Mockup


That’s all for our list of PSD napkin mockups. I hope this list helped you find the right mockup you were looking for.

If you’re looking for more high-quality mockups, do check out Yellow Pages where you can find awesome mockups, fonts, illustrations, and more design resources.

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