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10+ Best Dad Hat Mockups For Your Design Projects

Dad Hat Mockups

Usually, a cap gives us the vibe of baseball or sports. It is more sort of an attribute to the sport baseball which is why many mockups are also named after the word sports baseball. If you are among those who design hats and want to present your work effectively to your clients then you are in the right place. 

There are many mockups out there that have many features from customization options to replacing etc. you can simply add your designs and easily customize them using the smart objects feature. Below is the list of best dad hat mockups that you can check out to showcase your creativity and get the attention your work deserves. 

Best Dad Hat Mockups

Here is the list of best dad hat mockups that you can check out to showcase your designs. 

1. Dad Hat Mockups 

Dad hat mockups are the first one in this list of best dad hat mockups and the name says it all. Some of its features are, it has around 5 PSD mockups, organized layers, many customizable effects, an adjustable background, and of course high resolution and smart object operations. 

Dad Hat Mockups

The 5 mockups in brief are close-angle shots, cap branding, fully editable polo caps, polo caps, floating cap mockups for your brand designs, apparel branding, and much more. Its smart object feature is easy to use and lets you add your design in just a few steps and can customize colors, effects, shadows, etc. 

2. 5 Panel Hat Mockups

And this is another one in this list of best dad hat mockups named 5-panel hat mockups. You can use this mockup to showcase your design and do your branding effectively. It has many features like other mockups. Some of its features include 6 PSD mockups, good resolution, effects that you can customize, a background that is adjustable according to design, organized layers, and yes smart object feature. 

Dad Hat Mockups

It makes showcasing your design easy and quick. The mockups included a straight brim in a standing position, a slanted shot, a straight angle shot, a backside design, and also an easy-to-customize panel. Smart object lets you simply drag and drop your design in the opened layer. 

3. Dad Hat Mockup

Yet another one in this list of best dad hat mockups. This is also a great mockup you can choose for presenting your designs and appealing hats. This one is an elusive dad hat mockup. 

Dad Hat Mockups

 The PSD file has high resolution and is easy to use. Also, this file has 3 different views making it more convenient. Labeled layers, transparent background, can change views easily, color can be changed with one click and smart object layer for you to replace the artwork. 

4. Strapback Hat Mockups

One can use this mockup to showcase their design from every angle whether, the latest designs, sports caps, apparel, or anything else. Every side of your design that is front, back and brim can be shown. Not to forget the smart object feature to personalize things in your design easily. 

Dad Hat Mockups

And here are the amazing features of this mockup, 4PSD mockups, customizable effects, high resolution, adjustable background, and organized layers. Also adding your design to the mockup has a few steps.

5. 4 Baseball Cap Mockups

Baseball cap mockups are also a good one on this list and I suppose you are gonna like them. It has like other mockups 4 PSD mockups, organized layers, and dedicated resolution, and the best thing about this is its realistic effects and shadows that add or give an edge to your presentations and make them impressive.

4 Baseball Cap Mockups

The four PSDs included give us a neutral angle shot for the front and top, then a high angle for the top and brim, a side view from a neutral angle, and a straight angle. Let us see the next one on this list.  

6. Dad Trucker Hat Mockup

This mockup is also called a baseball hat mockup along with a trucker hat mockup. This one also has many features in it and will help you present the mockup of your designs in the best way. You will get 5 PSD files which will help you capture different views. One can add textures, logos, designs, text, and many more things. 

Dad Hat Mockup

The resolution of the file is around 2000 x 2000px and the color mode is RGB. One can open these files in programs such as adobe photoshop CS5, CS6 extended, CC, etc. 

7. Baseball Cap Mockup

Another one of the best dad hat mockups is the baseball cap mockup. This is good for the skilled presentation of your amazing designs and gives your work all the attention. Some of its features are a changeable baseball cap, changeable high-resolution, well-organized layers, a help file, and a PSD along with smart objects. 

Dad Baseball Cap Mockup

Smart object helps you to quickly add your designs and customize them. You can certainly try using this mockup once. 

8. Dad Baseball Cap Mockups

Another one with the name baseball cap, however, this one is also a considerable one for good presentations. This one has five PSD mockups with several features. It has demo design source files, customizable shadows and effects, an adjustable color cap, changeable background, and yes you will get HD quality. 

Dad Baseball Cap Mockups

Also, smart objects and organized layers help you to customize various other things like effects, color, etc. You can also capture every angle of your design to showcase it correctly. 

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9. Snapback Mockups

Like all other mockups in this list of best dad hat mockups, this snapback mockup also has some awesome features for your presentation. You will get five PSD files with different poses in each mockup along with organized layers.

Dad Hat Mockups

Moreover, you will also get changeable background, smart object operations, high resolution, and also realistic effects and shadows. One can also replace the well-organized layers and their designs. Also, customize anything from top to bottom. 

10. Snapback Baseball Cap Mockup

And here is the tenth one among the best dad hat mockups. All the templates this mockup provides us are completely editable. You will get 8 photorealistic mockups, and 8 PSD files, can control intensities of shadow, fill light, reflections, etc, any background can be selected, will get the photorealistic result and also smart objects option for easy customization. 

Dad Hat Mockups

Layers of graphic canvas can be edited and can also be removed if required without affecting shadows, light, and perspective. 

11. 5 Baseball Cap Mockups – V3

Another one among the best dad hat mockups is the 5 baseball cap mockups. This one is also pretty good to use and you can use it to present sports brands. You can customize many things in this without much trouble. 

Dad Hat Mockups

This will give you 5 PSD mockup files, customizable effects, adjustable background, high resolution, and organized layers along the smart object feature. Smart object features make it easy to drag and drop images or designs. 

12. Dad Snapback Mockups

And the last one in this list of best dad hat mockups is dad snapback mockups. Like many mockups, this one also provides you with the basic features for certain like customizing options, organized layers, different poses in each mockup, moveable or removable objects, and some other features. 

Dad Hat Mockups

You will also get smart objects for easy customization, to simply drag and drop objects, you can show around five different angles whether shows, sunglasses, or any other branding design. 

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That was all about some best dad hat mockups and all the mockups included in the list are pretty much good and can be used to present your design efficiently and attractively. 

I hope this list helps you find and choose the right dad hat mockup you’ve been looking for.

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