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12 Best Bus Mockups To Showcase Your Designs Perfectly

Are you looking for templates or mockups to showcase your design of a bus or your brand? If yes, you are on the right page, as we have listed out some best bus mockups. These will help you get deserving attention to your products or designs and impress your clients. 

It is simple and easy to exhibit our designs using mockups, they are effective and effortless to draw people’s interest in your design. Thus without any more delay let us get started. 

Best Bus Mockups

Here is the list of the best bus mockups. 

1. City Bus Mockup

The first one in this list of best city bus mockups is the city bus mockup. The dimensions provided to display your design are 10000×4500 pixels. It is also smart object-oriented. Using smart objects one can simply drag and drop their designs. 

Best Bus Mockups

One can also customize their design, patterns, and textures. It has organized layers and also has documentation that will help you follow it. You can also change the color of scene objects. Let us check out the next one on the list. 

2. Coach Mockup

Another one in this list of best bus mockups is the coach mockup. This one is also good like the above and offers pretty good features. You will get six PSD files of high quality. You can use any one of them. 

Best Bus Mockups

One can show various angles of their designs using smart objects and masks. It renders a clean look and gives us photorealistic effects. It has transparent windows, is easy to edit, and the camera composition is also there for better snapshots. 

3. Big City Bus Mockup

This is a nice one in this list of best bus mockups. This template offers 6 photorealistic mockups and PSD files. Also, it is a fully editable mockup. You can control the intensity of shadows, light, reflection, and much more. 

Best Bus Mockups

One can also remove or add graphics and canvas. It is simple to add your designs via smart objects. Furthermore, you can use any background, and it has a resolution of 3500 x 2500 pixels. It also gives you a help file as a guide. 

4. Electric Bus Mockup

Electric bus mockup. This is also a decent mockup among the best bus mockups. If you are into designing such art or patterns for buses then it will be helpful. You can showcase your design efficiently and without much effort. 

Best Bus Mockups

It is customizable and you can edit any part of it. Using this mockup you can impress your clients and encourage them to buy your products or designs. Also, it gives us a clean and photorealistic effect. 

5. Bus Mockups

Yet another one in best bus mockups. Like the above ones, this is also a good mockup or template to showcase your design. You can display all the angles of your design effectively. 

Best Bus Mockups

It is also object-oriented and one can edit the color, background, or anything else in the design. It has a resolution of 300 dpi. Moreover, it provides organized layers, simple to use, and is fully customizable. 

6. Animated Bus Mockup

Unlike other mockups in this list of best bus mockups, this one is different. Animated bus mockup as the name suggests allows you to add animations to your design. You can show the animated design of your projects. 

Best Bus Mockups

Some of its features include it offers 12 base PSD files, and 4 animated views of resolution 1920 x 1080 px. Furthermore, it also gives us high quality and details. Two types of buses are provided and you can easily edit them. 

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7. Coach Bus Mockup

The coach bus mockup is also a good one in this list of best bus mockups. You will get features like the ones above in this mockup too. It gives you 4 photorealistic mockups and 4 PSD files. You can easily edit your design as it is a fully customizable mockup. 

Best Bus Mockups

Furthermore, it has a resolution of 3500 x 2000 px and you can control the intensity of light and reflections. Also, the background can be changed and colors can be added via smart objects. 

8. Vintage Bus 1979 Mockup

And the 8th one in the best bus mockups is a vintage bus 1979 mockup. As the name suggests you can display your vintage bus designs using this mockup. It lets you customize your design via smart objects that are 3D.

Best Bus Mockups

Moreover, you can also zoom and crop your elements to get the desired results for your project. It also has high resolution and the quality is good. The help file gives a detailed explanation of how to use this mockup. Let’s check the next one on the list. 

9. Bus Advertisement Mockups

This mockup has 5 PSD files that are high quality and will deliver the best results. All the mockups offer more or less the same features and are best in their ways. 

Best Bus Mockups

5 mockups comprise 2 bus mockups, 2 roadside billboard mockups, and 1 bus stand mockup. Furthermore, you will get 5 different poses and environments, with smart object orientation and HD quality. 

10. School Bus 1956 Mockup

If you want to showcase your design or products for a school bus then this might be the one you are looking for. You will get high quality and view various sides of the designs.

Best Bus Mockups

Like many mockups, this also supports smart objects, and make sure that your Adobe Photoshop has 3D features because this has 3D smart objects. You can check it out once to promote your brand. 

11. City Bus Mockups

Best Bus Mockups

Another one to elegantly demonstrate your design or brand is city bus mockups in best bus mockups.

The orientation is a landscape and is fully customizable. It does offer smart objects feature so that you can easily edit and customize your design according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can also change the color of scene objects. 

12. City Bus On Bus Stop Branding Mockup

The last one in this list of best bus mockups is the city bus stop branding mockup. It has a resolution of 3750×2500 px. You might like this mockup if you want to showcase your brand and get it attention of clients and the public. 

Best Bus Mockups

You simply have to double-click and paste your design onto the smart object layer to add your design easily. You can change the wall boards, hanging sign change, or anything in this mockup. 

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So these were some of the best bus mockups. All of them have certainly good features and will definitely help you in improving the brand image of your design or product. 

Hope you found the article helpful, let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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