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About Me

I’m Adnan Farooqui and I am a Graphic & Web Designer & I have a design agency based in Chicago.

Design is something that has always been my passion and in my design journey, I found out that business is also something I love. So guess what? I merged both of my passions and started businesses around design.

At GridRule, I want to share all of the learnings that I have from these past 6 years in the Design Industry with budding designers just like me 7 years ago. I aim to help designers keep designing and make a living out of what they love doing.

You can check out my Logo Design course below and stay tuned for more upcoming content from my side 😉

Adnan Farooqui - Instructor-min

My Content

Discover content that will help you level up your design and business skills in the creative world.

Adnan Farooqui - Logo Design Course-min

Logo Design Process

Learn the process behind professional logo design and go from being a $5 designer to a $500 designer.