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15 Best Spiritual Fonts That Speak To Your Soul

Juniper - Spiritual Font

Spiritual Fonts, as the name suggests, are the fonts that convey everything spiritual and other topics related to it. Their unique wavy characters, spacing between them, and stylish alternates and ligatures give your content a sacred and divine look. 

These fonts are made for themes of astrology, spirituality, mysticism, witchcraft, magic, and esotericism. This kind of typeface goes extremely well with all themes that are considered holy or mystically psychic themes. 

They can also be used in typographic tasks that have themes like sci-fi, pseudoscience, psychology, and altruism, among others. 

In this article, we’ll share the best spiritual fonts for your projects. 

Best Spiritual Fonts 

These fonts are beautiful and so unique that at times, they feel a little strange but tempting to experiment with. Scroll down the list and you will find yourself a quirky yet fitting font. 

1. Le Tarot – Celestial Font

Le Tarot - Celestial Serif Font

Le Tarot is a modern Sans Serif font with planetary aesthetics that makes it heavily captivating. The font consists of crescent moons here and there along with its elegant and winding characters. 

It gives a fancy and sophisticated look to your content. It is provided in two formats, namely, OTF and TTF. The font has huge language support including languages like English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish, among others. It also includes stylish alternates and ligatures. 

2. Black Magic 

Black Magic - Spirital Fonts

As bewitching as the name sounds, The Black Magic font is a spiritual font handcrafted that can prominently be used on logos, t-shirts, apparel, labels, posters, and banners. This font is available in 4 formats, namely, OTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF2. 

Apart from Multilingual support, this typeface also includes web fonts. It is a stylish all-caps font with star-shaped uniform spacing in the middle of every character. It also has different alternates and ligatures that make the font look all the more fascinating.  

3. Oracul

Oracul - Spiritual Fonts

Oracul is a modern display font with the backdrop of Bohemian culture. It is an experimental vintage font that is thicker at the top and bottom and thinner in the middle. It also has pointy edges enhanced with star-shaped spacing around the characters. 

It is available in both OTF and TTF format along with broad language support for languages like Italian, Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese, among others. From Future-telling to Tarot, this font goes with everything spiritual-related. 

4. Lunaria 

Lunaria - Spiritual Font

Lunaria is a modern display font that is rough and unpolished making it look vintage with its handcrafted elegant design. It is a font that adds a lot of aesthetic value to your content as it consists of 50 bonus icons and graphics for you to explore. 

The graphics contain icons, illustrations, and symbols, some of them are boho sun and moon icons, alchemist and spiritual symbols, hand illustrations, and floral sketches, among many others. It can be used in branding, advertising, fashion labels, and many other typographic projects. 

5. Sandalwood Mandala Font

Sandalwood Stackable Mandala Fonts

Sandalwood is one of the stackable mandala spiritual fonts which is largely used for branding, packaging, and apparel. Consisting of 8 Vector Mandalas which add the beautiful concluding touch, you can either stack them, insert outlines or use them individually. It has three versions, namely, Regular, Mandala, and Italic. 

While Sandalwood Mandala is amazing for headlines due to the crafted designs on its characters, Regular and Italic can be used for the rest of the content since it is simple and provides better readability. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters along with numbers, special characters, and punctuation. 

6. Juniper

Juniper - Spiritual Font

Juniper Font has 10 versions, namely, Light, Italic, Light Italic, Ornate, Symbol, Regular, and SemiBold, among others. You can make use of Juniper Ornate for titles and accent letters while Juniper Symbols for logos and accessories. 

Each Juniper Font consists of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and other special characters and punctuation. With multilingual support of 10+ languages, this font is super elegant which makes it the perfect font for fashion labels and advertising purposes. 

7. Metaphysica

Metaphysica - Spiritual Font

Metaphysica is a clean cutting-edge typeface that gives you a unique backdrop where you can experiment while taking care of your aesthetic needs. It has 5 versions, namely, Light, Regular, Medium, DemiBold, and Bold. 

The font has strange slanted lines randomly placed on the characters that give a creative and voguish look to the content. It is available in three formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF. 

8. Moonbeams 

Moonbeams - Spiritual Fonts

Moonbeams is yet another modern celestial Sans Serif typeface with a soft and smooth look. It goes really well with all those aesthetic projects including quote illustrations, logos, and posters. 

It consists of 23 custom ligatures, 3 uppercase expressive sets with moons and stars, and 1 lowercase expressive set with stars. Apart from this, it is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. From a crescent moon to four or twelve-pointed stars, this font has a beautiful set of stylish characters. 

9. Astrology Initials Font

Astrology Initials Font

Astrology Initials Font is an innovative and artistic typeface that would look supremely good on mystical or astrological logos, posters, and other typographic tasks. Each character is uniquely fused with astrological symbols like crystals, moon, stars, and flowers among many other things. It is the perfect font for retro-style headlines or tarot cards.

10. Nomad

Nomad - Bohemian Sans Serif Font

Nomad is a contemporary spiritual font that comes with a bohemian backdrop. Each uppercase character is uniquely designed with bohemian patterns that give a stylish and handcrafted look to your work. Apart from this, you can also use separate letters to create your logos or monograms. 

Available in OTF and TTF format, this typeface has extensive language support with languages including Spanish, Italian, English, and Portuguese, among others. The font is well-designed with patterns of celestial and boho theme that makes it fitting for themes like astrology, mysticism, etc. 

11. Ananda Neptouch 

Ananda Neptouch

Ananda Neptouch is calligraphy inspired by Sanskrit specifically its styles that are based on Devnagari. The unique fusion makes it really intriguing for the audience. 

You can use this font for book covers, logos, posters, apparel, quote pictures, illustrations, and many other things. 

12. Neptouch

Neptouch Caps

Neptouch is the pioneer when it comes to Sanskrit-inspired typefaces. The styles are based on Devnagari calligraphy. 

Ananda Neptouch is the modified version of this font. The font looks elegant and groovy which will make your work look fascinating with its slant top and wavy edges. 

13. Loura 

Loura - Spiritual Fonts

Loura is an expressive and profound typeface that looks like it could stir a lot of emotions in your audience. It consists of additional geometric characters like straight lines, zigzag lines, stars, and other interesting shapes and figures.

It is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. Along with multilingual support, this font includes uppercase characters, numbers, punctuations, and alternates. 

14. Moonwild


Moonwild is another contemporary Sans Serif typeface designed on the grounds of celestial aesthetics. It is a well-chosen font for typographic impressions, vintage and modern posters, fashion design, and boho art. It has two versions, namely, Decorative and Symbol. 

The font consists of a large number of symbols and additional characters with celestial patterns. It is prominently used for craft product branding and packaging. It is available in OTF and TTF formats. Apart from this, it has large language support which includes languages like German, Italian, English, and Spanish, among many other languages. 

15. Celestial Font

Celestial - Spiritual Fonts

Celestial Font is a contemporary fusion of uppercase fonts and striking characters. It consists of Clean and Decorative versions along with a third version named Symbols which consists of a variety of engaging characters designed with celestial themes. 

It is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, PNG, and EPS formats, the latter two are available only in the third version. It is fitting for every project or theme that is boho, mystery, and astrology. The font looks flawless on stationery, blog designs, logos, invitations, branding, and product packaging. 

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So, that’s all for our list of the best spiritual fonts. From astrology to witchcraft, this list includes a variety of fonts that could be perfect for your work. 

I hope this list helps you in finding the ideal and relevant font for your project.

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