35 Psychedelic Fonts That Are Trippy & Groovy

Designers love to follow the best design trends and currently, psychedelic fonts are very popular. These psychedelic fonts are curvy, wavy, bold, and have abstract colors. These appear visually more creative and appealing. 

Psychedelic fonts are inspired by the 60s and 70s and will take you back to the time of Beatle mania, Bob Dylon and that golden period is what these fonts will remind you of. These letters, colors, and textures will have profound meaning in them as you look deeper into them. 

We have collected some best psychedelic fonts that you can apply to your work and all are a must for all the designers out there. 

Best Psychedelic Fonts

Below is the list of the best Psychedelic fonts filled with free-flowing cum swirling lines, solid colors, and many more things. 

1. Tanco – Trippy Psychadelic Font

Tanco - Psychedelic Font

The first one on this list of the best Psychedelic fonts is Tanco. This font is designed by Drizzy studio and yes you can use this font for various design projects. It gives great vibes to the onlooker taking them into back old days. 

Some of the tanco features are uppercase and lowercase, numeral and punctuation, and multilingual ligatures.

This font will let you have all the basic styles and is old-fashioned yet modern. Also, it is a serif font and you can use it for branding projects, social media, weddings, cover photos, and many more.

2. Kooltura – Psychedelic Typeface

Kooltura - Psychedelic Font

This is another 70s and 80s font among the best psychedelic fonts. This font is best suited for fashion design, quotes, posters, cult products, cover albums, hipster things, or maybe for some stylish lettering behind an image, etc. 

Let us see what things are included in this font: Lowercase, uppercase, number, and punctuations; multilingual support, and a few more things. Also, it supports format files such as TTF and OTF, and yeah this amazing font was created by Ikiiko and will take you to the 70s era. 

3. Spirodelic Font 

Spirodelic - Psychedelic Font

If you are fond of all capital letters or uppercase then this one’s for you. It will give a funky look to everything you add to this font and will bring in a sassy vintage look. You will find the letters here in curves and spirals adding more fun. 

You can certainly use this font for modern stuff too like maybe children’s books, toys, flavored drinks, logos, clothing, etc to keep light hearts in touch and make it cool. And it is great for the seventies or eighties retro kind of appearance to your work.

4. Acid Cowboy Psychedelic Font

Acid Cowboy - Psychedelic Font

Here comes another one among Psychedelic fonts which is an acid cowboy and will give you a cowboy type of feel. 

It is also easy to download and install. You will get all other things in it like uppercase letters, numbers, glyphs, and a few more things to create your masterpiece. 

This font is a handcrafted OTF one and yes is fully functional. One can use it for both personal and professional or commercial use such as for branding, headlines, logo designing, posters, events or marketing, etc. Or maybe for cards, letters, covers, and stuff like that. 

5. Marige – Display Typeface

Mairge - Psychedelic Font

Next on our list of psychedelic fonts is Marige which is a Display typeface. This font is elegant and comes with a family of 9 weights. These nine weights will range from extremely thin to black designs for you. 

This typeface is inspired by the 60s poster commercials and includes various character styles and ligatures. 

Marige display typeface font is most suitable for book covers, logos, and movie titles, and not to forget will give your work or any creative stuff a vintage look. 

6. Antikern

Antikern - Psychedelic Font

And here comes antikern yet another great one if you are thinking of making posters or maybe for music concerts and things like that. Antikern also has all caps in it like the before one and gives you funky, musical, and whirling vibes from it. 

It is most suitable for making musical posters, concert advertisements, and event covers, and one can also use it for fashion designing and branding. These are some formats you will get from antikern font- Antikern.otf, Antikern.ttf, Antikern.woff, Antikern.woff2.

7. Psychoart – Psychedelic Font

Psychoart - Psychedelic Font

You can also consider psychoart – psychedelic font if you want some awesome font for your logo and branding, this is a contemporary serif font and will appear both beautiful and unique in its way. 

One can use this font for diverse things like advertisements, logo designing, social media posts, product designing, creative stuff, and many more things like these. 

If you want an elegant typographic font then you can choose this one and yes like all other fonts in this list of best psychedelic fonts, psychoart is also inspired by the 70s era. 

8. Chill More – Wavy Sans Font

Chill More - Psychedelic Font

Chill more- wavy sans font is another nice one among the best psychedelic fonts. As the name sounds this font will give us more chill vibes, unlike other vibes. Those wavy letters and looks are great for short phrases and words.

Shorts phrases and words mean maybe on T-shirts, crafts, social media, signs, wall art, advertisements, and projects.

Moreover, chill wavier sans font includes OTF and TTF file formats. 

9. The Lucid Dreamer Font

The Lucid Dreamer - Psychedelics Font

This is another retro font from the 60s and 70s and like the above-mentioned fonts, this one is also inspired by psychedelic fonts. And if you are fond of bold letters or character fonts then here it is. 

Lucid dreamer font provides you with multilingual support along withhold typography. For what can you use this font? Well for quotes, apparel design, book covers, packaging, greeting cards, posters, flyer, invitations of any kind, and for many more things like these. 

10. Sake Moru Display Font

Sake Moru - Psychedelic Font

Sake Moru is a display font and has two styles namely the regular and an outline version. Sake Moru has additional characters and ligatures to add more flair to your designs.

This one can be used for packaging, headlines, advertising, branding, titles, etc.

11. FUNKORAMA- Psychedelic Font

Funkorama - Psychedelic Font

Funkorama is yet another great psychedelic font that you can consider if you want your letters to groove, have funk and work to look like a disco floor. Of course, this also looks like the 70s and 80s font and will bring those memories to real-time. 

People who are into music album covers, stationary, poster making, thumbnails, social media page covers, book themes, and much more like these can use funkorama psychedelic font for their work. 

12. Sacred Musk – Display

Sacred Musk - Psychedelic Font

This one is also like funkorama and is a playful design inspired by psychedelic fonts. Sacred musk will also give you a retro feel and bold look. If you want to give your work an aesthetic appearance then sacred musk is great and will give you an authentic feel. 

Some of its features include multi-language, punctuation, and contextual alternates. You will get formats such as .otf, .ttf, and .woff. 

13. Lastone – Psychedelic Font

Lastone - Psychedelic Font

Now comes lastone and this one is a little different from other fonts till now. This looks more like a modern one and gives us a futuristic feel. This one is a san serif display font. 

If the project you are working on has a futuristic theme then you can opt for this theme. And its features include Numeral Ligatures & Punctuations

14. Wickedelic Font

Wickedlic - Psychedelic Font

Wickedelic font is yet another one in this list of best psychedelic fonts and like other fonts, this one is also highly inspired by the 60s era and gives us psychedelic vibes. 

You can use it for title, logo, branding, T-shirt design, and anything in which you want a psychedelic theme. 

15. Beefy Display Font

Beefy Display - Psychedelic Font

Beefy display font, Well, this was created to design awesome posters, album graphics, book titles, and many more.

The inspiration to design these fonts was Funk which was used in the seventies era to style the posters.

The Font was designed by “The Type Fella” who have great font collections in their portfolio.

The font is ideal for various themes and projects.

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16. Tetradoth – Psychedelic Font

Tetradoth - Psychedelic Font

Tetradoth is a Psychedelic font which is why it is named “Tetradoth-psychedelic”, it’s a good font that includes uppercase letters, numerals, a large range of punctuation, and multilingual support. 

It is used widely in the making of a logo, posters, pouch bag designs, labels, stickers, etc. 

Also for branding your brand you can use Tetradoth-psychedelic.

17. Comba Display Font

Comba Display - Psychedelic Font

Comba is a cool, casual, and fun display font, you can use it for crafting, digital designing, presentations, or greeting card making, it’s beautiful. Comba contains 1 style and family package options.

It has all caps in it and is best as a display font for the display type and contemporary branding. It has multiple eye-catching letters to pull the reader in and can make them happy.

Comba is considered a font that is mainly used for greeting card making, it is easy to download and simply be installed in the system and can easily be used. The font is created to be more user-friendly.

18. Rosebud – Trippy Font

Tan Rosebud - Psychedelic Font

And rosebud – trippy font is another psychedelic font that has all its twists and curls and will bring attention to your work or project making it a statement. 

This fancy font will fit various themes making it perfect for different types of projects. You will get formats such as .otf/.ttf/.woff/.woff2. I can assure you this rosebud font is an amazing one to consider. 

19. Lysergic Font

Lysergic - Psychedelic Font

And here is another famous psychedelic font. This font is more of smoky nature and swirls and turns. The lysergic font is also a tribute to Rick Griffin, who was popular for Grateful Dead album cover art, lettering, and psychedelic posters. 

One can bring the grooviest nature to their work or art by using the lysergic font. 

20. Funguy – Interlocked Slab Serif Font

Funguy - Psychedelic Font

Now, this font might be the grooviest one with all caps in it. And this one is an interlocking slab serif font and offers you some extra things too. This font has more than 165 ligatures or interlockings. 

If you want vintage vibes posters or packaging then this is the one and it also supports the glyph feature.

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21. Lovestruck – 70s Script Font

Lovestruck - Psychedelic Font

And here comes lovestruck and as it says this astonishes with its free letters and the flowy nature of its. Of course, they also have the taste of the 60s and 70s. This font is also built by using Opentype features and will never disturb your design.

Moreover, you will get around 600+ iconic glyphs- that include letters, ligatures, alternates, and yes this font also supports multiple languages. This amazing font in this list of best psychedelic fonts is created by Jason Carne.

22. Mind Melt Font

Mind Melt - Psychedelic Font

Mind melt is yet another nice one among the best psychedelic fonts. This font appears as melted letters and melts your mind. Like all other fonts in mind, the melt is also inspired by psychedelic fonts and their movement. 

What you will get with this font? Well, it comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and some punctuation marks. You can either use it for personal use or professional use. 

23. Liquid Type: Wetris Display Font

Liquid Type - Psychedelic Font

You might have guessed by the name itself how the letters of this font would appear. Liquid and wavy water are the characteristics of this font and give us some groovy or chilled vibes. 

Also, this font has 10 styles, is customizable, and is blob type making it unique. If you want to add some liquid watery touch to your work whether posters, Instagram, magazines, or projects this font goes with all. 

24. Nimbus – Psychedelic Display Font

Tan Nimbus - Psychedlic Font

Nimbus psychedelic font is simple and looks cheerful. If you want to add fun to your project work documentation or anything then this is the one. Like all other fonts, this one is also inspired by psychedelic fonts and is pretty good. 

It has all caps in it and Nimbus appears bold, fun, and has retro vibes. Can be used for headings, etc. 

25. Dazed – Quirky Trippy Font

Dazed - Psychedlic Font

Dazed is a typeface that is hand made and it was created during a train ride. The waves and curves are the by-products of a moving train and that was the experiment that turned into a unique typeface.

Some of its features include- all caps, punctuations, numbers, multi-lingual support, OTF, and TTF font files, and also gives you 12 more graphic elements. 

26. Psychedelic Xylophones Font

Psychedlic Xylophone - Psychedlic Font

This font, perfect in its disfigurement- Psychedelic Xylophones is an old-fashioned trippy hippie type that fetches a hand-lettered groove to your text illuminations. It has two-character alternate glyphs that further add a mild look and surprise the vibe that it brings. Moreover, it makes your text more subtle and nice. 

It’s great for that melty, warped headline psychedelic poster thing. It is mainly used to print retro t-shirts, and skate graphics messages.

27. Janger Display Font

Janger Display - Psychedlic Font

Janger is a classy, fun, and bold display font which is a unique typeface and it is similar to that retro style. It features the reverse contrast style and makes it more elegant and attractive. It is used to design posters, t-shirts, branding, logo, and many more.

Let us now check out the next one in this best psychedelic font list. 

28. Magritte Surrealist Serif Font

Magritte - Psychedelic Fonts

Quite a big list. Another one among the best Psychedelic fonts is Magritte, a serif display font with surrealist sensibilities. This is an ideal font for dreamy, unexpected branding, advertising, and merch.

It has uppercase and lowercase alphabets, dozens of beautiful ligatures and dingbats, and even includes support for Modern Greek.

29. Deliria Psychedelic Serif Font

Deliria - Psychedlic Fonts

Deliria is a decorative serif font it looks like a wave body form which gives a trippy sense. It has a fixed layout and ideal balance between the flowing motion and the best part is it conserves the readability of the text.

It is mainly used in logo making and for decorative displays. It was designed by Pedro Medina-Leansry.

30. Pure Psychedelia Font

Pure Psychedelia Font

Pure Psychedelia Font is a geometric elegant display font. This font brings the groovy graphic effect which gives more impact to the wording. 

This kind of Font will give you a different design touch to your creative designs and will be a great choice for branding, titles, headings, mobile applications, book titles, and so on.

31. Oracul – Bohemian Display Font

Oracul - Psychedlic Font

Now as the name indicates this font appears more modern and shows us bohemian motives through it. This has stylish stuff and ligatures plus alternates. 

If you are working on themes like spirituality, mysticism, witchcraft, magic, fortune telling, etc then this font will suit your project best. 

32. Summer of Love – Psychedelic Font

Summer of Love - Psychedlic Font

This font comes in the category of display fonts and supports the format OTF. You will find a hybrid context of upper and lower case letters and this is a well-balanced one among the best Psychedelic fonts. 

It belongs to the serif family and is playful, retro, and fancy, and also gives us vintage vibes. It suits musical posters, magazine covers, titles, YouTube thumbnails, etc. 

33. Canobis – Psychedelic Typeface


Now, this font looks more different than others and gives your illustration or work a catchy flow. It has uppercase, lowercase letters, punctuations, numerals, and multilingual support. 

If you want to make your project look trendy and cool then you can certainly use this font; also for brand identity, crafts or DIY projects, etc. 

34. Mind Explorer – Psychedelic Font

Mind Explorer - Psychedlic Font

Mind explorer is another one among the best Psychedelic fonts and is inspired by 60s and 70s music poster brands. The ligatures of this font make it more unique and interesting.

This font supports multi-languages and can be used almost anywhere for display purposes- covers, T-shirts, labels, etc giving you groovy vibes.  

35. Laviosar

Laviosar - Psychedlic Font

And the last one in this list of best Psychedelic fonts is Laviosar. Laviosar is a psychedelic-inspired typeface. It has unique lettering which makes the font more perfect.

It is mostly used in logo making, band designing, and many more. The family of laviosar is designed by Mussyayin.


These were some of the best Psychedelic fonts you can consider if you want that groovy, wavy psychedelic nature in your work or illustrations you are making. 

I hope you might have got your hands on the best Psychedelic font of your choice.

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