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20+ Best Industrial Fonts Of 2024

If you are a designer I’m sure you will look for the best fonts out there when you are working on any project theme as these fonts simply can change the feel and understanding of a project or art. 

If you are looking for elements of industry and firms then you are at the right place. We have handpicked the best industrial fonts having a strong, yet calm and rough yet absorbing nature which you must check out. 

Therefore, let us get started without any more delay. 

Best Industrial Fonts

Here is the list of the best industrial fonts which you can consider looking at.  

1. Superlumina – Industrial Font

Industrial Fonts

In this list of best industrial fonts, the first one is Superlumina. This is a display serif font and is bold in look. It includes around 20 fonts and all of them are super good and will fit any of your sci-fi, industrial, movie poster credits, etc.

To get a soft feel its minuscules help you out and you will get the best rhythm of letters. Moreover, with both uppercase and lowercase letters, you get interesting curves. 

It contains 9 weights and a total of 18 styles. Also, this font supports around 13 languages such as Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Welsh, Zulu, etc. 

2. Cygnito Mono Pro – Font Family

Industrial Fonts

Cygnito Mono Pro is another one of the best industrial fonts and is a monospaced type design font. It certainly is inspired by modernism and industrial art, and this is built with modular architecture. 

This font is built with 3 shapes- circle, squircle, and octagonal structure. It includes 4 versions with 3 weights of each and in total 36 different fonts. One can use this font for computers, UI/UX applications, mathematics, etc. 

3. Zwizz Typeface

Industrial Fonts

And this one is a Radhika-derived font in sans serif form named Zwizz typeface. It’s a simple and bold font and suits any of your industrial-type projects. 

You will find horizontal and vertical cuts which are actually similar to Helvetica. Also, you will get 7 different weights such as light, regular, medium, extra bold, etc. This font is good for tight typographic compositions and includes OTF and TTF file formats. 

4. Sigmar Typeface

Industrial Fonts

Sigmar is another font in this list of best industrial fonts and like many, this is made or intended to be suitable for industrial-related work. 

You will get 3 versions of it namely, rough, regular, and outline. It also has other features such as alternate characters. 

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5. Silver Crown

Industrial Fonts

Silver crown as the name indicates is a great font to use for name cards, magazine layouts, large-scale artwork, headers, etc. 

It is an ultra-condensed font with minimal characters. You will get a clean sans serif font,121 ligatures, 9 alternates, uppercase, lowercase, and supports multiple languages. 

6. Manufaktur

Industrial Fonts

This font named Manufaktur is inspired by an old iron cast sign made on a Swedish machine. It is a variable typeface with many combinations of width and height. It has all the stylistic characters and small-case characters. 

Manufaktur is a sans-serif font and can be used for posters, prints, logos, branding, designs, editorial use, magazines, etc.’

7. AUTOPARTS – Condensed Display Font

Industrial Fonts

And this font is based on painted signage and Vintage branding which you often see in Los Angeles. It is a condensed typeface and is suitable for most projects with good flexibility. 

The file includes accents and multilingual characters. Moreover, you can use it for logos, posters, packaging, magazines, display purposes, etc. 

8. Biogem

Industrial Fonts

And this one is also good among the best h industrial fonts. The font is playful and quirky. The bundle includes around 18 different fonts, these fonts include italic and plain styles. 

It also includes four file formats such as OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. Film titles, packaging, advertisement posters, etc can use this font and stand out. 

9. CARBON – Modern Industrial Font

Industrial Fonts

And the next font in this list of best industrial fonts is carbon- modern industrial font. As the name sounds it truly reflects industrial culture and vibes. 

It has a bold, sleek, and stylish look that will certainly make your project attractive and you will get punctuation along with letters in this font. 

10. Wallnutt Corps Bold

Industrial Fonts

Now as the name suggests, Wallnutt Corps is a cool and great font among the best industrial fonts. It is bold and has modern universe characters, giving you the best visuals and a nice impact. 

You will get unicase characters, Latin support, and Cyrillic, and this font can be used for editorials, fashion design, posters, headlines, large format prints, etc. 

11. Knucklehead Font Family

Industrial Fonts

Knucklehead is yet another one of the best industrial fonts listed here. The font is as unique as the name is. This font got inspired by America’s Western culture and brings you the traditional along with that modern touch. 

You will see that this font is best for projects that need a modern as well as vintage look. The bundle has 4 styles and 20 fonts in it- sans, serif, deco, and slab. 

12. Flintstock – Industrial Display Font

Industrial Fonts

This is another strong and industrial type of font. It has bold characteristics and is a display typeface. It includes 8 OTF files in it. The font is minimal but still shouts the versatile and vintage nature of your projects. 

You can use this font for many of your display purposes, posters, headers, packaging, apparel design, etc. 

13. Hazmat – Industrial Font

Industrial Fonts

Hazmat is a strong and bold industrial font with angular characters and distinctive stencils. You will see that all the cuts in the characters are eye-catching and attractive. 

One can use the font in small sizes as well as larger sizes. However, when you use it in a large size you will get to see its real potential of it. It has two versions, hazmat regular and hazmat oblique. 

14. Litespeed Typeface

Industrial Fonts

Wish to take your audience to the future? Then this is the one you might be looking for. Litespeed typeface as the name sound is a versatile and modern font bringing in that future vibes to your project. 

Technical and geometric shapes in this font make it best suitable for headlines, logotypes, branding, subheadings, titles, etc. Also, you will get two variants in this font. 

15. SK Nagot – Modern Decorative Font

Industrial Fonts

This font is quite different from other fonts listed, SK Nagot is a combination of both industrial and classical graphic design. Also, this unique font is inspired by 3d printing technology. 

This font supports alphabets such as Latin Pro and Cyrillic Pro and also includes a wide range of characters that you can use to make things more creative. 

16. Deciso – Font Family

Industrial Fonts

Deciso is another impressive one in this list of best industrial fonts. All the fonts in this family are made out of angular modules. 

Moreover, you will get 485 glyphs, five different styles with each having five weights. It also supports around 113 languages. 

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17. Cantile Vintage

Industrial Fonts

Cantile is a vintage type of font and is a handmade one. The fonts appear to be classic and modern. The font is inspired by front store signs, poster vintage, paper, etc. 

This font is perfect for banners, stationery, logo designing, t-shirts, merchandise, packaging design, and many more such things. 

18. Boheld Font Collection

Industrial Fonts

This font is motivated by classic labels, posters, tickets, etc, and is named Boheld. Boheld has 5 variations of it which are Sans, Serif, Bold, Condensed, and Inline.

It also has OpenType features and is a PUA-encoded file. You simply have to copy and paste alternates to make use of them and the font is of high quality. 

19. SK Cynic – Industrial Geometric Font

Industrial Fonts

SK Cynic is another font among the best industrial fonts and includes modern geometrics in it. For the font to appear more like an industrial one, it has been given bevels at the corners of the letter and is drawn on an 8×8 grid that makes it more accurate. 

Overall it is a decent font that you can check out once.  

20. Industrial Sans 

Industrial Fonts

And here comes industrial sans font among the best industrial fonts. This font reflects the industrial feel as it is made like a handcrafted one and has a brush effect. 

This font is best suitable for posters, flyers, logos, branding, headings, etc. You will get unique glyphs, multilingual characters, uppercase, lowercase, numerals, symbols, and punctuation. 

21. Astronoma – Typeface

Industrial Fonts

Another font that is inspired by industrial and technical design is Astronoma. This font is clean and transparent with a sans-serif typeface. Like other Astronoma also has geometric shapes, 

The font has many OpenType features and has 56 accented characters, 11 ligatures, and alternates. It can be used for magazines, labels, posters, headlines, presentations, etc. 

22. Joyride Extended Typeface

Industrial Fonts

And here comes the last one among the best industrial fonts named Joyride. Joyride is a sans-serif font and has a variable width. This family includes 300 alternates, 4 font styles, over 4000 glyphs, multilingual support, uppercase, and lowercase, also OTF and TTF file formats. 


That was all about the best industrial fonts, they give us the vibe of industry, work, business, etc, and are pretty cool. 

I hope this list helps you pick the right industrial font for your project.

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