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15+ Best Hawaiian Fonts For Sunny Tropical Designs

Are you working on any Hawaiian-themed projects? If yes, you are on the right article as we have collected the best Hawaiian fonts. These fonts will bring the humid nature, beaches, and cool vibes of an island into your project. 

Therefore to make your project appear warm, and get that tropical trees smell, and adventures of surfing, let us get started without any more delay. 

Best Hawaiian Fonts

Below is the list of the best Hawaiian fonts which you can use in your designs.

1. Kuloko Tropical Sans Serif Font

Kuloko is the first one on this list of the best Hawaiian fonts. It is a tropical and sans serif font that will give you the island vibes in your project. To get the tropical tiki feel, you will find that the font has bold handwritten marks. 

Hawaiian Fonts

You can use this font for posters, packaging, social media handles, websites, and graphic designs, you will also get the handwritten inline version of this font. 

2. Jungle Giant Font Duo

Jungle giant is a cursive font which again if used in the intended place will certainly give the feel of islands and their life. It is in sans and script font and is quirky in nature. 

Hawaiian Fonts

The font includes 35 alternates with styles and swashes and also 2 styles for the uppercase characters namely regular and italic. One can use it for social media, and branding as it gives us an organic feel. 

3. Lanai Typeface

Lanai typeface is another one in this list of best Hawaiian fonts and is inspired by Hawaiian print design and vintage islands. This Lanai typeface comprises 6 different fonts in it. 

Hawaiian Fonts

Moreover, in this font file, you will get two Hawaiian brush patterns, six font styles, and vintage illustrations that you can customize easily. 

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4. The California

The California is yet another good one among the best Hawaiian fonts. It is a hand-drawn one with a modern look. The font is serif and solid in appearance.

Hawaiian Fonts

This font is best suitable for modern projects such as invitations, greeting cards, wedding decor, business cards, Instagram, etc. 

5. Nostalgique – Retro-Inspired Font

Nostalgique is a condensed and playful font that also gives us retro vibes through it. The font has round edges and nostalgic weights at the end which can be used for a broad range of projects. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It has open-type features such as alternates, and ligatures. Nostalgique will give you both a new and familiar type of feel. 

6. Tropica Gardens

And this font named Tropica Gardens is a combination of bold serif, rounded sans, and authentic signature. Along with this alphabet, you will get numerals, punctuation, and symbols. 

Hawaiian Fonts

Moreover, you will also get 12 premade logo designs which you can use and this makes it easy for you to design logos. It has two file formats- OTF and TTF. 

7. Regards – Modern Retro Serif

And the next font in this list of best Hawaiian fonts is Regards. It displays many vibes from being retro, vintage, and also modern at the same time. 

Hawaiian Fonts

You can use projects which are playful, fancy, versatile, and unique. It is a serif font and has 100+ alternates. You can use this font for branding, photography, watermark, stationery, and any project. 

8. The Beardy

Beardy can be used both as an industrial font as well as a Hawaiian font. Beardy looks more inspired by 60s and 70s pop culture. It is a serif font and can be used as a retro display font. 

Hawaiian Fonts

This font can be used for logo designing, headings, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, book covers, etc. It contains TTF and OTF file formats. 

9. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast as the name sounds is graceful and cool at the same time. It certainly gives us the vibes of beaches and islands. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It includes all the uppercase, and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and many ligatures. All of these together will give a realistic look to your design. It is best for branding logo designs, photography, studio, etc. 

10. Maui – Hawaiian Font

Maui is yet another font in this list of the best Hawaiian fonts that will take you to travel diaries and give you those vibes. This font is adaptable to most projects and has beautiful hand strokes. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It has 2 versions- regular and eroded. Maui has more than 400 characters, special characters, and yes Spanish accents too. It can be used for travel-related projects and also for labels, packaging, websites, labels, etc. 

11. Hawaii – Script Font

Hawaii is also a decent one in this list of best Hawaiian fonts. This is a beautiful and elegant font with attractive strokes. You can use it both formally and informally in any of your projects.

Hawaiian Fonts

The font is modern and also portrays creativity that you can show in your work.  The font makes your products luxurious, elegant, and attractive and includes all characters, numerals, ligatures, etc. 

12. Hello Hawaii – Modern Font

And the next font is Hello Hawaii to bring that Hawaii feels to your art. This font is simple and light-hearted. One can use it for children’s books, art, and craft, party cards, etc

Hawaiian Fonts

It contains TTF and OTF file formats, simple installation, and all numerals, punctuations, and characters. 

13. Oh Livey – Brush Script Font

Oh, Livey. Put this font on any of your projects and it will bring life to it. You can use it on greeting cards, wedding invitations, quotes, websites, etc. 

Hawaiian Fonts

The font will remind you of nature, botanicals, watercolors, etc. To get the authentic real feel you will get many ligatures in the font. 

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14. California Palms Fonts

And this one named California Palms can also be considered among the best Hawaiian fonts. This collection has regular, SVG, and many summer-themed fonts. 

Hawaiian Fonts

The font is really intriguing and there are a total of 6 fonts. The font is versatile and the brush strokes will make your project more creative. 

15. Hawaii Beach

Okay, and this one- Hawaii Beach literally shows that beach vibes in any artwork you are doing. It has around 6 different fonts in the collection and has both layered and shadow effects in them. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It definitely has retro vibes in it and can be used for T-shirt designs, logo designing, posters, badges, etc. 

16. Apricots – Handwritten Script Font

Apricots is another one in this list of best Hawaiian fonts. This font is simple and cheerful yet modern in its own way. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It is a handwritten font and can be used for branding, logo design, posters, headlines, etc. And this font includes OTF and TTF file formats. 

17. ED Mentasta – Script Typeface

And the last one in this list of best Hawaiian fonts is Ed Mentasta. It’s a classic font with rounded edges and will give you a modern and unique look. 

Hawaiian Fonts

It contains 90+ stylistic sets, alternates, and ligatures, and is best suitable for headlines, logos, apparel, letterhead, web design, magazines, etc. 


Those were some of the best Hawaiian fonts which you can definitely consider if you are working on projects which are related to traveling and adventure. 

Hope this article helps you choose the right Hawaiian font for your project.

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