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15+ Best Farm Fonts For Your Design Projects

Farm fonts are the ones that will take us to the serene life, rustic nature, and rich living in the countryside. Most designers these days tend to get their hands on the best farm fonts to make their designs whether logo design, branding, or anything like these without much effort bringing in simplicity and creativity. 

To make your task easy of finding farm fonts, we have made this list of handpicked best farm fonts that you can deem if you want to get farmhouse or country genre in your project. 

Therefore, let us get started without any more delay. 

Best Farm Fonts

Here is the list of best farm fonts that you can use on your design projects: 

1. Bushel & Peck Fonts

The first one in this list of best farm fonts is Bushel & Peck fonts. This is a smooth and softly made font for your farm-themed projects or work. 

Best Farm Fonts

You will get around 50 alternate characters, vectors, and various logos, and is flirty, and bouncy in appearance. One will get 3 distinct styles of this font, Bushel- peck script- peck italic- peck serif. 

Furthermore, you will also get OTF and TTF font formats, 25 editable logo designs, and 185 hand-illustrated vectors, and can indeed be used for silhouette and Cricut users. 

2. Berson Dream Font

Berson is yet another one in this list of best farm fonts. This is a family of 3 fonts named Berson Dream sans, script, trio, and an extra font that includes rustic illustrations.

Best Farm Fonts

Moreover, you will get all the numerals, uppercase, lowercase characters, and around 350 glyph characters. You can also get the font in EPS, PNG, and SVG formats. It is best for mug designs, logos, t-shirt designs, etc. 

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3. Rustic – 13 Handcrafted Fonts

And the third font is Rustic 13. This is a font family with 13 beautifully handcrafted fonts. It is an OpenType font and has all the OpenType features along with multilingual support for Western European, Euro, Pan African Latin, and a few more. 

Best Farm Fonts

One can utilize this font for things that are involved in local, organic, handmade, unique, human-centric artwork, or products and services. 

4. Wild Grace – Sweet Handwritten Font

This one as the name suggests is both wild and graceful or call it a gracefully wild font. Wild Grace is a sweet font displaying a handwritten feel in it. 

Best Farm Fonts

This beautiful handwritten font includes many ligatures to make your work more appealing and has support for multiple languages such as English, German, French, Turkish, Hungarian, and many more. 

5. Farm Wave

Farm Wave as the name suggests is yet another nice one in this collection of best farm fonts. Farm wave fonts show the nature of waves in them as the letters appear to be in curves with calligraphic touch to them. 

Best Farm Fonts

This font has 2 versions namely regular and italic both of which are exquisite. Also one can use this font for logo designing, apparel, magazine covers, etc. 

6. Farm Market

Farm Market is another of the best farm fonts and this font displays both classic and modern vibes in it. You can use this font in many of your presentations, headings, logotypes, book covers, farmhouse decor, branding, etc.

Best Farm Fonts

It includes both TTF and OTF file formats in it and is suitable for most of your farmhouse-themed projects. 

7. Heritage Font Combinations

And the next font is heritage font which exactly resembles what it is named. It consists of 14 varieties of fonts and has 2 different styles which are sans, and script. 

Best Farm Fonts

One will get all the OpenType features such as many ligatures, swashes, stylistic alternates, etc. Also, the font provides us with all the uppercase lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, etc. This font is perfect for designs that want to have vintage vibes, wedding card designs, clothing brands, logo designs, etc. 

8. Modern Farmhouse Font Bundle

Another amazing font among the best farm fonts is the modern farmhouse font bundle. So this is a font family which has around 10 fonts in it and all of them are handwritten. Farm Market, farmland, and Hayward are some of the fonts in it. 

Best Farm Fonts

Furthermore, this font is best reasonable for business cards, logo design, Instagram, branding, wedding decor, Cricut projects, etc. 

9. Karl – Cool Sans

Karl is a great font in this list of best farm fonts and it is a bespoke font having a minimalist side. This font is suitable for anything unique and interesting you are working on. The font displays the cool, classy nature of its being simply best. 

Best Farm Fonts

You can use this font for branding, powerful logo designs, website headers, bold packaging, etc. Also, this font includes 26+ stylistic alternates, uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, non-English supports, and a few more features. 

10. Country Font

The country font is named for what it is made to be among the best farm fonts. It is a light-hearted and minimalistic font made with grace. You will like the lettering of this font which reflects the farmhouse decor, and nature and will perfectly fit your needs. 

Best Farm Fonts

It is easy to install this font and has two versions of it: country regular, and country filled with both TTF and OTF file formats. This font is quite a delicate one and I suppose you will like it. 

11. Bohemian Soul

The bohemian soul is yet another one of the best farm fonts and is perfect for your modern and unique projects which you are working on. It certainly has OpenType features to make things nicer. 

Best Farm Fonts

One can add more originality to their design by adding from the collection of 70 ligatures and alternates. Moreover, it is best for logotypes, master signs, headlines, quotes, branding, logos, etc. 

12. Fall Harvest

And this font named fall harvest is also a decent one in this list of best farm fonts and certainly is good for all your farm-themed projects and artwork. 

Best Farm Fonts

You will find that this font has that messy handwriting look in it and yes it is a handwritten font with a brush pen. The font is authentic in how it looks,  is attractive, and can be used for headings, blogs, logos, signs, brandings, invitations, etc. Also, you will get a set of complementary doodles in this font file. 

13. Farm Bluster

Best Farm Fonts

This is another font that can be used for a broad range of projects and many themes. It is a fun and friendly font that exhibits joy. It is also a handwritten font and its unique nature will perfectly fit projects such as quotes, bags, advertising, t-shirt designs, posters, fashion, branding, magazines, custom stickers, etc. 

14. Farmland Acres

And here is another one among the best farm fonts and it is farmland acres. Well, the font looks notorious and funny. It has many fun alternate characters that will add humor and good vibes to your project. 

Best Farm Fonts

Also, this font is best for country decor, branding, t-shirt designs, SVG designs, wall art, social media, etc. Upon purchasing this font you will also get another font named marker street which is a tall handwritten font. 

15. Margin – Retro Serif Font

Margin is a retro font in this list of best farm fonts. It is both stylish and also bold giving an incredible look to your design. Moreover, you will find its curves super groovy and at the same time, its serif nature will make it traditional. 

Best Farm Fonts

It has two versions namely regular and italic. Also, you will get uppercase characters, lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, OTF and web font versions, many alternates and ligatures, and also has multilingual support. 

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16. Holen Vintage

This is another good one among the best farm fonts named Holen vintage. Holen vintage brings versatility and modern and classic nature to your work. This font has a blend of sans serif fonts which also makes it traditional and the bold curves make it perfect. 

Best Farm Fonts

Also, one can use this modern cum traditional font for projects such as labels, product designs, stationery, photography, labels, advertisements, product designs, packaging, etc. 

17. Heartwell Farm Font

Heartwell is a beautiful and light-hearted font in this list of best farm fonts and is a calligraphy brush typeface. What impresses anyone in this font is the fact and things brush strokes and the dancing characters. 

Best Farm Fonts

You will also get alternate characters, stylistic characters, ornament packs, and also contextual characters. One can use this font for artwork such as quotes, labels, headings, magazines, logos, posters, clothing, etc. 

18. Farmland – Rustic Typewriter Font

And the next font is farmland. This is a rustic typewriter typeface. The letters appear rustic and also exhibit retro vibes.

Best Farm Fonts

This font is best for a wide range of projects including, branding, logo designing, apparel, titles, packaging, farmhouse designs, Cricut projects, etc. You will get OTF and TTF file formats when purchasing this font.  

19. Farmhouse – A Bold Handwritten Font

The Farmhouse is also a decent one in this list of best farm fonts. This is a tall and handwritten font that looks friendly and vibrant. One can use this font for children’s designs, books, magazines, mugs, posters, t-shirts, headings, blogs, invitations, etc. 

Best Farm Fonts

Furthermore, you will get both TTF and OTF file formats in the font file. Note that you may not get any extra ligatures. 

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These were some of the best farm fonts which you can check out. All of these fonts are pretty good and are suitable for your farm-themed projects. 

I hope this list helps you choose the perfect farm font you’ve been looking for!

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