Top 10 Best Crystal Fonts For Your Projects

Are you looking for the best crystal fonts? You’ve come to the right place! 

Crystal fonts are incredibly stylish and unique, giving a very mystical and magical look. The efficient spacing of the characters in this font makes it an improved experience for the reader. 

These fonts go very well with posters, graphics, apparel, banners, and other content forms that require special attention and must be highlighted. They have additional intriguing features making them look all the more elegant. 

In this article, we’ve listed the best crystal fonts for your projects and themes. 

10 Best Crystal Fonts

Straight out of a perplexing device, crystal fonts are ready to give your content a spontaneous and mechanized look. 

Here are the best crystal fonts for your projects. 

1. Crystal Inside Font

Crystal Inside Font

With an HD OpenType-SVG font, Crystal Inside Font is a beautiful and bold crystal font with vertical crystals of different sizes at the bottom. It is a sophisticated and voguish font giving your project a contemporary look. This font contains 45 different variations. 

They are accessible in any software and are physically placed to create your text layout. It contains uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. 

2. Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems - Crystal Fonts

Hidden Gems is a crystal font that is an abstract creation with strokes of diamond crossbars in between the spacing of the characters, creating a sense of exclusively underrated grandeur when used. 

It is a sans serif font designed for classy luxury use in print and digital media. It is a font for stylishly calling attention to content in banners, posters, websites, brochures, and apparel, among others. 

3. Psychic Sister Mystical Font 

Psychic Sister Mystical Font

Psychic Sister Mystical Font is a jazzy kind of font with its bold and handwritten stylish characters. Its two versions, namely, Sans and Serif give your content an aesthetic look that garners curiosity. 

It is available in three file types: OTF, TTF, and WOFF. Its handwritten font mixed with its stroke weight gives a crazy and experimental look to your content. 

4. Icicle Font 

Icicle Font - Crystal Fonts

Icicle Font is an OpenType font that is a dapper crystal font with its unique characters. The melting feature of the characters in this font is extremely appealing and pleasing to watch. 

It is sassy and candid yet very straightforward letting your audience know that you are making a point. With 48 files, the font consists of uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. 

5. Color Explode Font 

Color Explode Font

Color Explode Font is a font made up of crystals of different sizes and colors. It looks really creative and beautiful and could be used for headings on banners, posters, and brochures with a colorful and playful theme.

 It consists of 64 characters, including uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. The crystals are manually placed to create your text layout which makes it really intriguing and imaginative. 

6. Shine Font

Shine Font

Shine Font is an OpenType crystal font that is a bold regular font that is uniformly filled with diamonds. This font is the go-to font for everything money-related, fancy, and loaded. This could go well in money-themed quote pictures, posters, book covers, and apparel among other projects. 

All 46 characters of this font are individual, consisting of uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. Apart from this, the font has language support and extended punctuation. 

7. Crystal Font

Crystal Field Font

Crystal Field Font is an OpenType font that is only accessible only in apps with color bitmap fonts. It is filled with crystals of different sizes in shades of black and blue. It is an HD OpenType-SVG font built-in 3D. 

Consisting of uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation, there are a total of 47 characters. These can be accessible in any software and manually placed to create the text layout. 

8. Transformer Font

Transformer Font - Crystal Font

Inspired by The Transformers, The Transformers Font is filled with different shapes and sizes in shades of yellow and gray. They are really cool to experiment with and carry a weightage with them that gives a strong touch to your content. 

It is an HD OpenType-SVG font that consists of uppercase characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. They also provide extended punctuation and language support. You can use this font for your projects that have themes related to gaming. 

9. Pink Crystal Pixel Font 

Pink Crystal Font

As the name suggests, this font is made up of Pink Crystals all around. It looks beautiful and unique because of the 3D look and the spacing between the characters. 

You can use them for parts of your content that need special attention from the audience. This crystal font is available in OTF format and accessible only in apps with color bitmap fonts. 

10. Mineraline Font

Mineraline - Crystal Font

Inspired by the crystalline and faceted forms of minerals, this font is uniquely designed with a network of linear structures. It gives a powerful, spirited, and complex look to the content. 

The linear structure is so supremely designed that it more or less looks beautifully woven. It can be used on logos, branding, advertising, posters, packaging, fashion, or any other experimental typographic themes or projects. 

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Crystal Fonts are unique, energetic, and positive fonts that influence the way your content looks. It is extremely appealing and visually pleasing to the audience which in turn garners a lot of recognition and regard from the audience. 

I hope this list helps you select the right font for your graphic tasks. The fonts in this list are mystical, distinctive, quirky, and playful that can be perfect for your design projects.

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