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5+ Best Cross Stitching Fonts For Designers

Cross-stitching fonts are creative and unique. These letters appear to be crossed by strings and are intended for embroidery sewing. These are one of the best fonts and have always evolved as time passed. 

Embroidery is beautiful, but at the same time not an easy one to make. These days it can be made even without skills and knowledge of embroidery skills using embroidery tools. 

One can find many patterns ranging from a variety of colors and styles for pop culture, fabric-related projects, threading, and many more. You will find most of the stitching fonts available for purchase. 

Thus, to make your task easy and convenient, we have made a list of the best cross-stitching fonts, and without any more delay, let us jump on to the list. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

Here is the list of the best cross-stitching fonts that you can look at. 

1. Cross-Stitched Font

The first one in this list of best cross-stitching fonts is Cross Stitched Font and I’m sure you will like it because it accurately reflects the stitching nature and characteristics. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

The file will include uppercase characters, numerous punctuations, and several standard glyphs. Moreover, you will get 2 OTF, and TTF versions of both regular and decoration. 

You can make it more creative by adding decorative elements to your artwork and can also make your borderline look nifty. 

2. Knitto Font

Knitto is another nice one in this list of best cross-stitching fonts. The name Knitto sounds exactly like what kind of font it is. If you are in search of some fun and light-hearted font among the best stitching fonts then Knitto is the one. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

This font is fun, friendly, and quirky. The font looks similar to a knitted sweater or jacket giving that authentic vibe. It surely is a creative font and will make any project of yours more attractive. 

Let us now look at the third font among the best stitching fonts. 

3. Stitches Font

Stitches font is also a decent one among the best stitching fonts. This font appears to be beautiful and classic. Also, you should know that this is a desktop font and the font will have OTF and TTF file formats in it. You will also get free updates which can be instantly downloaded. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

Of course, this font is not an embroidery one but it does include the vibes of embroidery and sewing. One can use it for presentations, apparel, projects, etc. Let us now check out another best stitching font named cross stitch display font. 

4. Cross Stitch Display Font Bundle

Now, this bundle of cross-stitched fonts has around 30 different fonts in them such as cross stitch brazen, cross stitch classic, cross stitch cursive, cross stitch delicate, cross stitch elaborate, and many more. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

Some of the fonts have both uppercase and lowercase characters and some have any one of them. You will get all the numerals, and punctuations like ampersand, exclamation, commas, colons, etc, and these punctuations vary according to the font you chose. 

One can use these varieties of fonts for their art print, posters, signage, apparel, project works, and many more to make their lettering more appealing and enhance them. Now, let us look at another best stitching font named stitching love. 

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5. Stitching Love

Stitching Love is yet another decent one among the best stitching fonts. The font is as lovely as the name is. It is a cross-stitch font that you can use for Christmas, crafting, artwork, invitations, greeting cards, embroidery, scrapbooking, and much creative stuff. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

The font is made of sans serif and includes many decorative elements, ornaments, and border elements. You can combine all of these and make something unique and attractive. 

Furthermore, you will get all the uppercase characters, lowercase characters, basic punctuations, and numerals with TTF and OTF file formats for regular and ornaments. And now let us see stitch it up. 

6. Stitch It Up!

This is another cross-stitch display font among the best stitching fonts. The font is bold and is a Sans serif font. One can use this font for advertisements, to gain attention for projects and headings, and is not suitable for continuous texts. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

If you reside in a European country then you will also get multilingual support. Furthermore, like other fonts, you will get things like lowercase letters, uppercase letters, basic punctuation, and numerals. 

You will also get file formats such as OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF2. Let us now see that bespoke font is among the best stitching fonts.  

7. Bespoke – A Tailored Font

Bespoke is one of the best fonts and includes both retro and modern styles of art in it. This is a handcrafted font and is a high-quality typeface. It is also a nice blend of both elegance and a unique appearance. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

It certainly is best for any art or project you are working on that includes stitching, handcrafted, etc such as fabrics, leather, tailoring, fashion, bookbinding, upholstery, and many more. 

Furthermore, bespoke has all beautiful uppercase and lowercase characters, along with ligatures and alternates for both lowercase and uppercase. And the file formats are OTF and TTF. 

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8. Suture

And the last one in this list of best stitching fonts is Suture. Though standing at last it is not any less than others and this font gives us a raw and natural feel of stitching or threading.  This was an initial font and is only available in TTF format to use. 

Best Cross Stitching Fonts

The suture includes all the uppercase characters and will not have any special characters. The font looks exactly as it is shown in the preview. There are three versions of suture font which are standard, slab, and alternates. 


These were some of the decent ones among the best stitching fonts and I suppose you might have got the one you are looking for. 

I hope you liked our list of the best cross-stitching fonts. If you want to discover more fonts, scroll below and explore other fonts collections.

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