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15+ Best Camping Fonts Perfect For Wildlife Projects

MC Sequoia - Camping Font

If you are a nature-loving person then you will surely love camping fonts. These will reflect the woods, chirping of birds, adventure, its breeze, and all that you would like if you were camping. 

These fonts are best for displaying purposes and will truly justify camping or hiking-related design projects. 

Therefore if you are working on any outdoor-themed projects then you can check out the list below of best camping fonts.

Best Camping Fonts

Here is the list of the best camping fonts to have that outdoor effect on your projects. 

1. Happy Camper Font

Happy Camper - Camping Font

Here comes the first among the best camping fonts. It is a happy camper font and as the name sounds it is pleasant and nice, and a rugged San serif font. 

This camping font is inspired by Oregon outdoors. Some of its features include it has standard English alphabets, numbers, symbols, standard punctuations, uppercase letters, TTF, and OTF files. 

One can use this font for making album covers, menus, logos, merchandise, apparel, packaging, invitations, web, etc. 

2. MC Sequoia – Font Family

MC Sequoia - Camping Font

MC sequoia is another great one to consider if you are looking for the best camping fonts. This font when used in labels, posters, covers, magazines, prints, etc gives us the outdoor feel. 

One can adjust the thickness of the characters accordingly and this font includes all the western characters in it. MC sequoia gives the work or illustrations an aesthetic look and impression. 

3. Yellow Creek Font

Yellow Creek - Camping Font

Yellow Creek Font is also a decent one to check out and use in your posters, magazines, labels, etc. 

To get the outdoor activities feel, you can definitely use this font in your creative works. Moreover, this font includes three fonts and 3 of them are pretty good. They include simple characters, simple punctuation, TTF, and OTF files. 

Also, you will get high-resolution PNG files. The three fonts include- Fontyellowcreekmetal2, Fontyellowcreekregular2, and Fontyellowcreekdistressed2.

4. Verine – Classic Elegant Camping Font

Verine - Camping Font

If you are in search of an adventurous and bold font then verine-classic can be your choice. It is a sans serif font. With this font, you can make your projects look super cool. 

It is perfect for logo designing, posters, T-shirt designs, badges, packaging, and many more things. You will get, Verine Regular (.otf), Verine Round (.otf), and Verine Hand Drawn (.otf)

5. Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger - Camping Font

Now if you are looking for a fun yet camping font then junior ranger might be the one you are looking for. Junior ranger is a San serif font and gives you all the good and cherishing vibes. 

Also, it includes only uppercase letters and is inspired by vintage 50s-60s. For articles, magazines, campaigning history stuff and for things like this junior ranger is perfect and organic. It also has classic typefaces like Futura and Avenir. This font will bring both stiff and fun nature to your work. 

6. Forest Outdoors Font

Forest Outdoors - Camping Font

Unlike other fonts in this list of best camping fonts, the forest outdoor font is unique and I’m sure you will like it. 

This font has forest characteristics and you can use it in your PowerPoint presentations, logo designing, invitations, business logos, creative projects, and many more such things. 

The font includes .ttf, .otf, and .woff font files. This is a great decorating font to use in any of your activities. 

7. Wigwam – Handwritten Geometric Font

Wigwam - Camping Font

Here is a minimalistic font among the best camping fonts. It appears like a handwritten one and has symbols in it for lowercase letters making it pretty unique and interesting. 

One can get different designs by combining fonts and symbols. To create logos, and monograms, for music albums, packaging, printing clothes, and art/craft products this Wigwam font is suitable.

8. Blazeberg – Flame Typeface

Blazeberg - Camping Fonts

And this font brings all the flame effects to the project you are working on. You can use this font for multiple purposes like branding, designing logos, packaging, magazines, covers, editorials, quotes, banners, and many more things like these. 

You’ve got many places to use this font if you are into designing and are creative

 The possibilities are endless in this font. 

9. Burnest – Camping Font

Burnest - Camping Fonts

For the best outdoor, camping, and adventurous feels in a project we can use the burnest camping font. This font includes around 9 different fonts in it. 

This font exhibits a vintage look and also a strong identity. The font includes 3 weights and every weight has 3 different styles associated with it. The three styles are clean, round, and rough. These nine fonts will complete your design in the best process. 

10. Havior Vintage Serif Font

Havior Vintage - Camping Fonts

This is another font that is handmade and is a vintage serif font. Like the above font burnest, this one also has quite good variations around 8. 

This font will give us old, vintage, and aged vibes because of how the font is made. It has round, inked, and rough edges. It also is suitable for modern design projects, and also includes extra editable templates making it suitable for almost any of your project designs. 

11. Albertson – Vintage Font

Albertson - Camping Font

Albertson is also a decent one in this list of best camping fonts. Like some above-mentioned fonts, this one also gives a retro feel. This is made by taking references from lumberjack, woodwork, DIY handicraft, and a few more. 

It has 350 glyphs, 4 sets of alternate characters, a stylistic set, uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, multi-lingual, and numbers.

12. Rimba Andalas – Camping Font 

Rimba Andalas - Camping Font

Rimba Andalas is as unique as its name is. It is a playful font as well as has an ethnic nature. This font is inspired by tree branches and has strokes like ancient symbols. 

Thus they are very much suitable for tribal art and crafts, social movement activities, folks, etc. It is also best for posters, signage, headings, titles, apparel, etc. 

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13. Campfire – Slab Serif Font

Campfire - Camping Fonts

Campfire is also a good one in this list of best camping fonts. This is a handmade slab serif font, this is more of an adventurous and outdoor font. 

It is a good font to use for titles, headings, book covers, titles, blog designs, apparel designs, editorial design art quotes, etc 

14. MountHill Vintage Script 

MountHill - Camping Font

Like the above fonts, this MountHill vintage script font is also inspired by outdoor activities. It is handmade, has round edges, and inked style giving you a well-crafted feel. 

Moreover, this font has 2 variations MountHill Rough and MountHill Rust. Also, MountHill supports all OpenType features, logo templates, and lower characters with final swashes. MountHill vintage can be used for branding, designs, thumbnails, posters, photography, etc. 

15. National Forest Font Duo

National Forest - Camping Font

National forest font duo has around 6 different fonts and almost all of them are decent enough. These are inspired by national park signs such that whenever we look at these characters we are reminded of national park signs making it nostalgic. 

We can use this font for display, branding, and marketing. Moreover, this font has a quirky, retro charm that will make your project stand out. 

16. Ramenson – Camping Font

Ramenson - Camping Font

Ramenson font collection includes around 15 fonts and as the name suggests they are among the best camping fonts that you can consider. The font was inspired by vintage signage, beer labels, logos, and scout patches. 

It has all the open type features and I must say it is suitable for vintage projects making them impressive.

17. Into The Wild – Camping Font

Into The Wild - Camping Fonts

And here’s the last one in this list of best camping fonts however this is not any less than the others. Into the wild is an amazing font with modern features in it. 

It has 30 hand-drawn objects and 26 letters. Moreover, it is fully editable, with 100+ hand-drawn elements, everything is organized and all layers are closed. 

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These are some of the best camping fonts that are a must for all the designers out there who are into creative stuff. 

I hope this list of the best camping fonts will help you choose the right one for your design projects.

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