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I just bought this course a while ago and saw it. It's really amazing, I've seen a lot of other course, but this one is different & has a lot of valuable information.
Vipul Chaudhary - Headshot min
Vipul Chaudhary
The course is awesome, there is alot to learn from their course. Really liked it. Also they keep adding new videos in the course which is awesome.
Ijaz Abedin - Headshot min
Ijaz Abedin
I thought I knew enough about it but no! Was missing out on the details ever since. Thank you for the elaborate explanation. Would like more lessons!
Sumbul Siddiqui - Headshot min
Sumbul Siddiqui
This really helped me actually learn what logo designing is and how get to started with it. Learned so many things in the course which I never knew before.
Pratiksha Panjwani - Headshot min
Pratiksha Panjwani
As a beginner, I got to learn a lot of things related to logo design. The Logo Design Process course is amazing, helpful and really informative.
Himank Jain - Headshot min
Himank Jain
GridRule took a beginner-friendly approach in their Logo Design Process course. Learnt a lot about the thought processes behind creating a logo in and out.
Nirmal Sarkar - Headshot min
Nirmal Sarkar