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9 Best Webflow Apps and Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Webflow is a very powerful site builder for designers and developers alike. You can design and develop everything from custom layouts to complex animations. It simplifies the process of designing, building, and launching your site. 

And now that Webflow is getting bigger, we’re seeing more and more apps and plugins being developed by the Webflow community.

But since there are plenty of tools and plugins for Webflow, it’s difficult to find the good ones. In this article, I’ll be covering some of the best Webflow apps and plugins you should check out.

What are Webflow Apps? 

Webflow apps are third-party applications that you can install or connect with your Webflow site to add additional functionality to your website.

If you’re familiar with WordPress, Webflow apps work just like WordPress plugins that can be installed to your site to add more features.

Although Webflow itself is robust, third-party Webflow apps and plugins add additional functionalities that may not be present in the platform.

These third-party apps help you build your site to its best and work efficiently. There are thousands of integrations, apps, and plugins available that support Webflow.

Let’s check some of the best Webflow apps and plugins.

Best Webflow Apps & Plugins

Below is the list of best Webflow apps and plugins that will be useful in your arsenal:

1. Finsweet Extension – Toolkit For Webflow

Finsweet Extension - Best Webflow Apps

Finsweet is a Chrome extension truly focused on the clean and satisfactory development of sites for its clients and is a Chrome extension. It is easy to use and helps you be more productive while working on your Webflow site.

Here are some features of the Finsweet Extension:

  • Filter, search, and sort attributes which will assist your users to find things quickly on your site. 
  • CMS slider attribute
  • With the CMS unbind tool, it is easy to unlink elements and collections on CMS pages.
  • PX to REM converter
  • The cookie consent plugin will also give your users a better experience. 

It is completely free to use for both personal and commercial work and it’s a must-have extension for any Webflow developer serious about building websites quickly and efficiently.  

2. Humblytics – An Analytics Tool for Webflow

Humblytics - Best Webflow Apps

If you are looking for a straightforward and privacy-friendly analytics tool then Humblytics is the one. The app is specifically made for Webflow and does a pretty good job of providing website analytics. 

It is also simple to use and integrate with your website. All you need is one script installation that enables you to monitor custom events like CMS, forms, buttons, and more.  

Here are some features of Humblytics:

  • Monitor content performance using scroll depth and session length. 
  • Get insights into your site interaction by tracking page views, sources, real-time visitors, etc. 
  • You can also track and improve conversion rates, measure referral insights, and form submission rates. 
  • No need for a Google tag manager or extra data layers. Events like buttons and links can be monitored using custom attributes. 
  • It comes with a free plan for websites that have 1,000 monthly visitors. 

Humblytics offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricingPageviews

Overall, Humblytics is a very good analytics plugin for Webflow and perfect for anyone who doesn’t always want to use Google Analytics for website analytics.

3. Semflow – SEO Plugin for Webflow

Semflow - Best Webflow Apps

And the next one on the list is one of the best SEO plugins for Webflow. Semflow lets you optimize websites and make your search engine rankings better. 

It is easy to use and has customized page feedback for better SEO optimization. You can also audit and get SEO scores for your site based on performance aspects and more.

Here are some features of SemFlow:

  • Step-by-step checklist for page optimization.
  • Get live page performance scores through Google page speed insights in Webflow. 
  • Track multiple websites from a single dashboard.
  • Find keywords for your posts & pages to rank better.

Semflow offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricing
Annual$8/mo ($96/yr)

If you’ve always wanted an SEO plugin for your Webflow site, Semflow is the best one out there.

4. Vidzflow – Video Hosting for Webflow

Vidzflow - Best Webflow Apps

If you want a video hosting app for your Webflow site, Vidzflow is a really good option for you. This will reduce many of your concerns related to video players like size limits, video compression, etc. 

Vidzflow is highly customizable and allows you to host both raw videos and embedded ones. It is also a clean and distraction-free video player keeping your viewers engaged.

Here are some features of Vidzflow:

  • Upload videos from YouTube and Vimeo by just including the URL and the rest will be done by Vidzflow.
  • It is easy to upload a video by only embedding the URL and is user-friendly. 
  • Get optimized performance with no buffering.
  • It supports a variety of formats such as mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpg, and webm.
  • Vidzflow allows customization of autoplay, playbutton, brand color, etc.

Vidzflow offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricingVideos

If you hate embedding YouTube videos and want a cleaner way to embed videos on your Webflow site, then Vidzflow is the perfect tool for you.

5. FlowBookings – A Powerful Webflow Booking System

FlowBookings - Best Webflow Apps

Want a complete booking system for Webflow? Flowbookings is the only one out there using which you can build powerful booking forms for Webflow.

It is not only simple to implement but is also highly customizable allowing you to design booking forms using native Webflow elements.

You can create services, customize them, view booking stats, and a lot more with FlowBookings.

Here are some features of FlowBookings:

  • Highly customizable booking forms inside Webflow itself.
  • Create services, and manage customers and bookings from a single dashboard.
  • Send highly customizable booking notifications to your customers.
  • Interactive booking forms from a huge collection of templates 

FlowBookings offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricingServicesBookings

They also offer a 7-day free trial where you can test the app. Overall, FlowBookings is a wonderful booking plugin for Webflow allowing you to manage your booking businesses easily.

6. Linguana – Mult-Language Plugin for Webflow

Linguana - Best Webflow Apps

Liguana as the name sounds indicates languages. If you want to take your website global and want to have your website in multiple languages, then Linguana is the plugin for you.

You can use this plugin for both framer and Webflow sites. It is affordable and has AI translation making it most preferred. It translates the content as well as the URLs for your site to be indexed on search engines quickly. 

Here are some features of Linguana:

  • Offers two ways to manage languages of your site namely subfolder structure and custom domain. 
  • Not only content but URL slug will also be translated so that your site ranks up when people search in their native language.
  • You can either translate automatically with AI or manually yourself
  • It does translation without staking the SEO or performance of your site. 

Linguana offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricingLanguages
Individual $49/moUnlimited
Business $99/moUnlimited

7. Memberstack – Build SaaS Products Inside Webflow

Memberstack - Best Webflow Apps

Memberstack is the app you will need for a Webflow site if you are developing a membership site, SaaS products, or anything complex that requires high logic. You can build projects requiring authentication, Stripe payment, and gated content. 

This is built for Webflow projects and react-based ones. It gives you much liberty to choose your style in almost everything from profile screening, to subscriptions, and forgotten password stuff. 

Here are some features of Memberstack:

  • You will get more than 500 components many scripts and free templates to grow your site
  • One-click site integration allows access in 135+ countries and has a lot of other stripe features to check. 
  • It allows you to integrate with other apps such as Zapier, and Make App. A dashboard to export all the collected data
  • It is developer-friendly with flexible APIs and has social authentication along with SSO, and more. 

Memberstack offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricingMembers

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8. Make – Connect Webflow With Other Tools

Make - Best Webflow Apps

Make is an incredible app if you want to connect your website with other apps for data-related tasks like transferring and transforming data for various use cases.

Using this you can connect your site with more than 1500 apps and a single toolkit of Make will help you do it in just a few clicks. It makes visually connecting painless and requires no coding expertise. 

Here are some features of Make:

  • You can connect their Webflow site with 1500+ other tools. 
  • You can also set a schedule to run scenarios or run instantly.
  • Drag and drop features to easily connect with other tools and build workflows.
  • It is easy to use and can automate most of your tasks. 

Make offers the following pricing plans:

Plan NamePricing

9. JetBoost – Powerful Extensions for Webflow CMS

JetBoost - Best Webflow Apps

JetBoost is a powerful extension for the Webflow CMS that adds many useful features. It will help your site visitors to search, filter, and save your CMS content removing complexity.

It works efficiently and you can effortlessly advance your CMS functionality in Webflow using JetBoost. This will not impact the design of your component and will aim to enhance functionality of them effectively.

Here are some features of JetBoost:

  • You can add dynamic filtering essential for e-commerce, job boards, etc like buttons, checkboxes, etc. 
  • One can also allow CMS favorites- like upvoting, watch later for videos, likes, bookmarks, etc. 
  • Include on-page search and filtering in real-time to quickly find items on your web page. 
  • You can archive items and also include dynamic sorting like finding data alphabetically etc. 
  • No code installation and it is free for hosting sites. 
Plan NamePricingPageviews
Core$24/mo 50,000/site
Premium $49/mo 100,000/site
Growth $95/mo 300,000/site
Ultimate$175/mo 1M/site


So, that’s our list of some of the best Webflow apps and plugins you should consider to boost productivity, automate, and improve your Webflow site.

Some of the plugins can add totally new functionality to your Weblfow site such as booking while others can enhance existing Webflow features for a better experience.

I hope with this list, you’ll find some useful gems that will make your Webflow journey much better.

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