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10 Best Illustrator Plugins You Should Try Out In 2024

Best Illustrator Plugins

Adobe Illustrator is a very powerful vector graphics tool with so many great features. But oftentimes, I feel like I could power up my workflow if it had certain features. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of Adobe Illustrator plugins that can help you boost your productivity and improve your workflow. 

Although, the count of Illustrator plugins isn’t as high as, say, Photoshop plugins, there are still some really awesome plugins that you would love to use. 

That being said, I’ll be reviewing some of the best Illustrator plugins in this article to help you design better and faster. 

Let’s get started. 

Best Illustrator Plugins 

I have included only the best plugins that I feel will add to your workflow. In case I missed any good plugins, do let me know in the comments section. 

So, here’s my list of the best plugins for Adobe Illustrator: 

1. Easy Illustrator Tools

Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Easy Illustrator Tools is an add-on plugin for Adobe Illustrator that creates an optional panel with some of the most used actions performed in Illustrator 

With this plugin, you can quickly outline your stroke with a single click. Outlining strokes is something a lot of designers using Adobe Illustrator do and it takes multiple clicks to do it. 

Easy illustrator tools

The plugin also gives you an option to outline the strokes of all objects on the artboard. 

Besides this, the panel also has quick export options allowing you to quickly export your designs in different formats in a single click. 

Exporting your designs is somewhat of a hassle in Adobe Illustrator and with this option, you’re just a click away from exporting your work in various formats. 

This illustrator plugin doesn’t focus on offering loads of features. Instead, it provides limited features that will make life easy for any Illustrator user. 

2. AutoSaviour

Price: Free

Have you ever lost all your work just because Adobe Illustrator crashed and you forgot to save your files? 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But the AutoSaviour plugin is here to put an end to it. 

This free illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics will auto-save your work, create backups of your files, and also remind you to save your files. 

Best Illustrator Plugins

The plugin comes with its own panel where it shows you the last time you saved the file along with a countdown for the next save. It also highlights failed or delayed save attempts so that you can save your work again. 

You can also create multiple backups of your files and choose where to save them. This is very helpful because if your files get corrupted, you’ll atleast have backups of your files. 

Lastly, the plugin lets you configure how each Illustrator document will auto-save and make backups. 

This is a plugin I wish I discovered earlier because I’ve had some bad experiences with losing my work due to corrupted files. If you’ve ever faced such issues, this is a must-have plugin for you. 

3. Super Magic Eraser

Price: $7

Super Magic Eraser is a very handy plugin for Adobe Illustrator that cuts and deletes objects outside the artboard. 

The plugin deletes paths and shapes that are outside the artboard quickly without affecting the object or its colors. Objects are also editable after their paths outside the artboard are cut. 

Super Magic Eraser - Plugin

But it’s important to note that the plugin won’t work with live paint groups, mesh, symbols, or text fields. To perform the cut and delete operation on these objects, you’ll first have to expand them. 

This plugin can be very helpful when you want to delete unnecessary paths outside the artboard for printing. It’s also useful when creating patterns or illustrations. 

4. VectorScribe

Price: Astute Graphics Subscription – $199/yr

VectorScribe is another illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics and this one helps you save time while working on Illustrator. 

The plugin features some powerful tools and functions that are helpful when working with shapes. 

You get a point removal tool that lets you remove excess points from any shape instantly using a smart brush. This helps in reducing the total file size. 

VectorScribe - Plugin

It also comes with a repositioning tool that allows you to slide a point along a path to reposition it. You can even trim or extend paths using this tool. 

Lastly, the plugin has a dynamic shapes tool allowing you to create any kind of shape using it. You can set the height, width, diameter, corner radius, and more. You can even create your simple geometric shapes into dynamic shapes using this tool. 

If you’re someone who works with shapes a lot in Adobe Illustrator, you should definitely check out this plugin as it’ll improve your workflow and allow you to work faster. 

5. Texturino

Price: Astute Graphics Subscription – $199/yr

Ever wonder how designers create add beautiful textures to their artwork? Well, this is their secret. 

Texturino makes it so easy to create textures for your artwork. You can create repeating and non-repeating textures. You can quickly change the texture’s scale, rotation, opacity, and blending mode. 

Texturino - Plugin

What I love about this plugin is its texture brush tool that lets you brush in or out textures from your artwork. This texture brush works with all stylus devices such as Wacom tablets, iPad, and Surface Pro. 

The plugin also comes with a texture manager where you can easily organize your textures by naming them, assigning categories, and more. 

If you struggle to work with textures in Illustrator, this is the plugin you should try out as it’ll definitely help you work more easily and quickly. 

6. Fontself

Price: $39

Want to create your own fonts in Adobe Illustrator? Fontself is all you need!

Fontself - Plugin

This illustrator plugin turns any lettering into OpenType fonts instantly. But that’s not it. 

You can create and set alternate shapes for each letter, create ligatures, set kerning and spacing between letters, and more. 

I can only imagine the hours it would take to do this manually in Illustrator. This plugin will save you a lot of time if you want to create your own fonts. 

7. Cineware For Illustrator

Price: Free

Cineware is the official companion plugin of Cinema 4D for Adobe Illustrator. With this plugin, you can add and edit 3D objects in Illustrator directly. 

This allows you to add your artwork to the 3D objects you’ve created. The plugin gives you full control over the appearance of the 3D objects. You can rotate and position the objects any way you want. You can also adjust the colors, reflection, luminance, and transparency of the materials. 

Cineware for Illustrator - Plugin

Cineware also lets you adjust the camera settings and lights to get the perfect viewing angle and tone. 

The plugin also comes with a lot of 3D models and objects that you can add and edit instantly in Illustrator. 

If you want to create mockups or with 3D objects in Adobe Illustrator, Cineware is a must-have plugin. 

8. Mandala Creator Pro

Price: $12

Create your own mandalas in a few clicks using the Mandala Creator Pro plugin for Illustrator. The plugin has a very clean and simple interface that makes it easy to create complex mandala artwork. 

You get over 170 patterns to choose from resulting in endless combinations and patterns for your mandala. You can even create your own patterns using this plugin. 

Mandala Creator Plugin Illustrator

This plugin will help you easily create intricate artwork for illustrations, wall stickers, and whatnot. 

9. QR Code Generator For Illustrator

Price: Astute Graphics Subscription – $199/yr

You might be wondering why would you create QR codes in Illustrator, but believe me this is a very handy plugin. 

If you’re working for some event designing tickets, you might probably include a QR code in them. And this plugin makes it very easy to create QR codes right inside Adobe Illustrator. 

QR Code Generator - Plugin

With this plugin, you can customize the QR code by changing the symbols. You can also create multiple QR codes in one go. 

You can use QR codes to encode any information such as a URL, email address, contact information, SMS information, WiFi configurations, and more. 

10. ColliderScribe

Price: $9

This is another Adobe Illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics that offers an advanced selection and alignment tool. 

ColliderScribe - Plugin

With this plugin, you can select multiple objects at once by single-click drag. You can even align shapes and objects more precisely using the Snap to Collison tool. 

Moreover, the plugin also lets you fill single or multiple shapes with selected objects. 

ColliderScribe is a very helpful plugin when working with multiple objects. The alignment, selection, and positioning tools in this plugin will save a lot of your time and improve your productivity. 


Adobe Illustrator is already very powerful but when you have these plugins in your arsenal, you can dramatically improve your workflow and productivity. 

These plugins will help you work faster and improve your designs to a great extent. Now, I’d like to hear from you. 

Which illustrator plugin did you like the most? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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