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Best Google Fonts: The Ultimate List

Best Google Fonts

There are over 1000 font families in Google Fonts as of right now. And this number will only go up. 

It’s crazy that you have more than 1000 free fonts to choose from for your next project. But this might also make you feel a bit overwhelmed. 

Today, you can find great fonts anywhere. Some of them are free while others are paid. And if you’re looking for free fonts, there’s no better place than Google Fonts

Google Fonts are used everywhere nowadays. A quick look at Google Fonts Analytics shows us that their fonts have been viewed over 46 trillion times. That’s insane. 

Google Fonts Analytics

When you have to choose a font from over 1000 font families, you’ll surely get confused. Not to mention the time it will take you to browse through all those fonts. 

That’s why I prepared this. In this article, I’ll be sharing the best Google Fonts you can choose for your next project. 

Let’s jump in. 

Best Google Fonts: The Ultimate List

This list of the best Google Fonts is huge. Even after cherry-picking and including only the best Google fonts, the list contains more than 40 fonts. 

To make it easier for you to browse through the fonts, I’ve categorized them into different categories. 

So, if you’re looking for a Google Font for your next logo, website, or anything else, you’ll be able to find them here easily. 

Best Sans Serif Google Fonts

Here are the best Sans Serif Google Fonts you can use on your next project: 

1. Inter

Best Google Fonts - Inter

2. Roboto

Roboto Google Font

3. Lato


4. B612

B612 - Best Google Fonts

5. Work Sans

Work Sans - Sans Serif Google Fonts

6. IBM Plex

IBM Plex Sans

7. Open Sans

Open Sans

8. Rubik

Best Google Fonts

9. Fira Sans

Fira Sans

10. Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin

11. Chivo


12. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro

13. Cabin


14. Poppins


15. Montserrat


16. PT Sans

Best Google Fonts

17. Archivo


18. Raleway


19. Nunito


20. Karla

Sans Serif Fonts

21. Assistant


22. Oswald


Best Serif Google Fonts 

And now here are some of the best Serif fonts you can find on Google Fonts: 

1. Playfair Display

Best Serif Google Fonts

2. Crimson Text

Crimson Text

3. Lora

Best Google Fonts

4. Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville

5. Noto Serif

Noto Serif

6. DM Serif Text

DM Serif Text

7. Spectral

Best Serif Fonts

8. Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro

9. PT Serif

PT Serif

10. Cardo


11. Neuton


12. Merriweather


13. Caladea


14. Abhaya Libre

Abhaya Libre

15. Brawler


16. Aleo

Serif Google Fonts

17. Enriqueta


18. Frank Ruhl Libre

Frank Ruhl Libre

19. Gelasio


Best Google Fonts For Headings

Almost all of the above Google Fonts are perfect to use on Headings. But here’s my hand-picked list of the best Google Fonts for headings:

  • Montserrat
  • Poppins
  • Lato 
  • Open Sans
  • Inter
  • Playfair Display
  • Libre Baskerville
  • Source Serif Pro
  • Merriweather
  • Frank Ruhl Libre

Best Google Font Combinations & Pairings

Pairing Google Fonts can be quite overwhelming especially when you have so many fonts to choose from. Sweat not, I’ve created a list of some of the best Google Font combinations and pairings that you can use for your next design project.

These Google Font pairings will help you make your design look professional and balanced.

1. Playfair Display + Roboto

Playfair Display Roboto

2. Raleway + Open Sans

Raleway + Open Sans

3. Roboto + Lora

Roboto + Lora

4. DM Serif Text + Lato

DM Serif Text + Lato

5. PT Serif + Fira Sans

PT Serif + Fira Sans

6. Libre Franklin + Neuton

Libre Franklin + Neuton

7. Cabin + Aleo

Cabin + Aleo

8. Oswald + Lato

Oswald + Lato

9. Libre Baskerville + Open Sans

Libre Baskerville + Open Sans

10. Inter + Source Serif Pro

Inter + Source Serif Pro

11. Merriweather + Rubik

Merriweather + Rubik

12. IBM Plex Sans + Roboto

IBM Plex Sans + Roboto

13. Oswald + Archivo

Oswald + Archivo

14. Nunito + Karla

Google Font Pairings

15. Gelasio + Cardo

Google Font Combinations

16. Noto Serif + B612

Google Font Combinations

17. Poppins + Source Serif Pro

Poppins + Source Serif Pro

Best Google Fonts For Logos

If you’re a logo designer, chances are that you’re struggling to find good fonts for your logos. Also, you might be looking for free Google Fonts for your logos.

I’ve created a list of the 10 best Google Fonts for logos that not only look good but also professional. Using Google Fonts for logos will help you save money from purchasing premium fonts as well.

Here’s the list of the best Google Fonts you can use on your logos:

1. Inter 

Best Google Fonts For Logos

2. Playfair Display

Playfair Display - Logo

3. Oswald

Oswald - Logo

4. Noto Serif

Noto Serif - Logo

5. IBM Plex Sans

IBM Plex Sans - Logo

6. Neuton

Neuton - Logo

7. Work Sans

Work Sans - Logo

8. Caladea

Caladea - Logo

9. Karla

Karla - Logo

10. DM Serif Text

DM Serif Text - Logo

How To Choose The Right Google Fonts

I hope the above list will help you choose the perfect Google Font for your next project. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right font: 

Consider The Different Font Weights 

Before choosing a font, make sure to check the different weights that come with the font. In many cases, you’ll probably need a font with different weights. 

For example, if you’re looking for a Google Font to use on your website, you will need to use a font that comes with different weights such as regular, bold, and italic. 

In Google Fonts, you can view all the different weights of the font family. Moreover, I’ve also listed the various weights in the list above.  

Focus On Accessibility 

Regardless of where you use the font, it’s important to consider the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

This will help you choose the fonts that are accessible and can be viewed by the user easily. Look for fonts that have a good color contrast and are readable without causing any strain on the eyes. 

Many Great Fonts For You To Discover

So, these were some of the best and my favorite Google Fonts that you can use on your design projects. These fonts can be used on logos, websites, or any other design work.

But these are not the only good Google Fonts. Besides these, there are many great Google Fonts waiting to be discovered by you.

Whenever you’re looking for a font for your project, always browse through Google Fonts to find professional and beautifully-designed fonts.

Also, let me know which font you liked the most from this list. Share with us in the comments below.

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