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15 Best Figma Plugins You Should Absolutely Be Using In 2024

Best Figma Plugins

Figma has become the favorite platform of many UI designers because of its great features. But what sets Figma apart from the rest of the competition is its plugins. 

Yes, tools like Sketch and Adobe XD also have plugins. But Figma has some really helpful plugins that would make your design work easy. 

I’ve been using Figma for years now and have tried so many different plugins. In this article, I’ll share my favorite and the best Figma plugins you should use to improve your design workflow. 

Best Figma Plugins You Should Use

I’ve included all kinds of plugins that would help you improve your work, be more productive, and save time while using Figma. 

1. Content Reel

Content Reel - Figma Plugins

Tired of using Lorem Ipsum and John Doe everywhere? You should check out Content Reel by Microsoft. 

This Figma plugin lets you add custom content to your designs easily. You can fill in names, emails, company names, URLs, icons, and a lot more. 

Using Content Reel will help you get rid of the dummy content and replace it with better content that would also make your designs look good. 

This can be very helpful when you want to present your designs to a client or your team. Imagine presenting a design with Lorem Ipsum text written everywhere. It wouldn’t look good, right? 

When working in Figma, I usually add real copy if it’s ready but when I have no content to add, Content Reel comes in and saves the day. 

2. Unsplash

Unsplash - Figma Plugin

This is the official Unplash plugin for Figma that lets you add Unsplash stock images directly to your designs. 

If you’re working on a project where stock images a used heavily, you’re going to love this plugin. 

With the Unsplash plugin, you can save time that you would usually spend browsing through the Unsplash website finding a stock image, downloading the image, and then finally uploading it to Figma. 

Now, with a single click, you find and insert stock images directly. Talk about efficiency! 

3. Autoflow

Autoflow Figma Plugin

Autoflow is a very handy Figma plugin that lets you create flows easily. You just have to select two objects or frames and run this plugin. 

The plugin will then automatically add arrows between them connecting the two. You can use this plugin to connect frames and create a flow for whatever you’re designing. 

This plugin is extremely useful for UI designers and will help you save a lot of time. 

4. Remove BG

Remove BG Figma Plugin

Want to remove the background from your images? Remove BG is the best Figma plugin for this job. 

This plugin does an excellent job at removing the background from any image. Although it’s important to mention here that it doesn’t work well perfect for all kinds of images. 

If the image is very complex, it may not remove the background correctly. But it still worked 9 out of 10 times for me and will work that way for you as well. 

Remove BG has its web tool too that you can use but having this functionality in Figma saves time. 

To use this plugin, you’ll need to create an account at first. 

5. Storyset by Freepik

Storyset Figma Plugin

Get hundreds of professional and beautiful illustrations in Figma with the Storyset by Freepik plugin. 

You can find lots of professional illustrations in different styles and completely editable in this plugin. 

I haven’t used this Figma plugin yet but I have used the Storyset illustrations by Freepik for one of my design clients and they loved it. 

If you’re looking for some good illustrations for free, you should definitely check out this plugin and use their illustrations in your designs. 

6. Vectary 3D

Vectary 3D Figma Plugin

If 2D illustrations are not your forte and you’re someone who catches up to the latest design trends and wants to use 3D illustrations, then Vectary 3D is the tool for your needs.

Vectary 3D is an online design tool that lets you create 3D designs or illustrations easily. With this plugin, you can load your Vectary 3D designs into Figma with a single click. 

But that’s just the first part of the story. Here’s the real kicker: 

With the Vectary 3D plugin, you can try your designs on various 3D models and create mockups. 

The plugin has a vast library of 3D models which includes laptops, phones, tablets, bottles, and whatnot. 

You can import these models and then apply your designs to them. This plugin is extremely helpful in cases where you want to present your designs to a client and want to use mockups to test how they look.

7. Figmotion

Figmotion - Figma Plugin

One thing that I really miss in Figma is the ability to add animations. And Figmotion fulfills that need with its powerful plugin that allows you to animate your designs. 

Although a bit complex when you first use it, Figmotion lets you make animations inside Figma. You just have to select the element you want to animate and use the timeline. 

If you have experience using tools like Adobe After Effects, you’ll be able to animate your designs using Figmotion like a pro in no time. 

What I really love about Figmotion is that you can render and export your animated file as .mp4, .gif, and .webm file. You can also export animations as JSON or CSS files. 

8. Feather Icons

Feather Icons Figma Plugins

Feather Icons is one of the best Figma plugins I found for adding icons to your designs. There are many other great icon plugins for Figma but I liked Feather Icons for its simplicity and icon library. 

The icons are very beautiful and are open source. There’s not much to talk about this plugin except that it’s pretty useful if you want to quickly add icons in Figma. 

9. Color Contrast Checker

Color Contrast Checker - Figma Plugin

As a designer, it’s your job to ensure that your designs are accessible to all users. This Figma plugin by Microsoft and Ben Truelove check the color contrast ratio of all the elements in your frame.

It then shows if your design meets the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or AAA level compliance. 

Moreover, it also lets you meet these guidelines by providing color sliders adjust the colors, and change the color contrast ratio. 

Check for accessibility is a must for any designer and is the reason why I highly recommend you to use this plugin. 

10. Datavizer

Datavizer Figma Plugin

Datavizer is a great Figma plugin for adding beautiful charts and graphs to your designs. This plugin lets you visualize data as a bar chart, scatter plot, or line chart.

You can use your data by uploading a CSV file or use random data. The plugin even lets you configure the chart width, height, and padding giving you full control of how your chart looks. 

Whether you want to visualize actual data or just want to show a chart for display purposes, this plugin is the best for the job. 

11. Mapsicle

Mapsicle - Figma Plugin

Mapsicle is a Figma plugin that lets you insert a map to your designs. You can set any location, adjust the zoom level, and place your map instantly. 

The plugin also comes with a lot of customization options for the maps. You can change how your map looks such as dark mode, satellite mode, or in 3D. 

I haven’t used maps quite a lot in my designs so I don’t have much experience using this plugin. But this is a time-saving plugin for anyone who wants to use maps in their designs. 

12. Palette

Palette - Figma Plugin

Palette can help you create color palettes easily through machine learning. The plugin can create a complete color palette using a single or up to 5 colors. 

It can also create a color palette from an image. You can change the order of the colors in your palette, drag the colors to adjust them, and even save your palette. 

Although I create my color palettes manually, I can see how this plugin can help lots of designers who struggle with creating color palettes. 

13. Artboard Studio Mockups

Artboard Studio Mockups - Figma Plugin

If Vectary 3D isn’t enough to help you create mockups, then this plugin will do. With Artboard Studio Mockups, you can access thousands of premium quality mockups in Figma. 

You can render your frames in real-time on different 3D elements and see how they look. All the layers of the imported mockups are layered making them fully editable. 

However, you’ll have to sign up on Artboard Studio and create a secret API key to use this plugin on Figma. Moreover, you can access even more mockups by subscribing to their premium plans. 

14. Time Machine

Time Machine - Figma Plugin

I’m gonna be honest and say that versioning sucks a bit in Figma. I constantly had to make different files to save older versions of my designs. It’s honestly quite a mess. 

That was until I discovered Time Machine. This magical plugin lets you automatically save any version of your design. 

You no longer have to manually copy versions of your designs. This plugin creates a page called Time Machine where you can view the different versions of your designs chronologically. 

Now, you can travel back to the past with no repercussions. 😉

15. Viewports

Viewports Figma Plugin

Figma already provides many different viewports and screen sizes for your frames. But if you ever need more options, just install Viewports. 

This plugin adds some extra viewports and display sizes of different mobile devices that include Apple iPhones, Google’s devices, and Samsung’s devices.  

Now, you can easily make sure your designs are responsive and look perfect on all screen sizes. 


So, that was our list of the best Figma plugins that will not only improve your designs but also help you work more efficiently. 

These plugins do the simplest things yet are very handy as they can help you save a lot of time. I use almost all of the plugins in this list regularly and now I can’t live without them. 

Now, it’s your turn to check out these plugins and install the ones you need the most. Also, let me know in the comments which plugin you liked the most. 

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