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We have a bold mission to make design education accessible, engaging, and actionable for designers around the world.

About GridRule
Journey Of A Designer Is Not As Easy

The Journey Of A Designer Is Not As Easy As It Looks

A lot of creatives who want to step into the world of design don’t know where to start their journey. Information is scattered all over the Internet which makes it difficult for a lot of creatives to learn new skills and gain knowledge.

There’s no ‘go-to’ place for designers where they can learn and connect with others while doing so.

But There Is A Better
Way To Learn Design

At GridRule, you not only learn the skills but also put those skills into action to drive results. You learn and grow with the best instructors and get a chance to connect with others.

A community where everyone helps and thrives will help you manifest your talent in the best possible way and set you on a path of success.

A Better Way To Learn Design
About Ahfaz Ahmed

A Word From The Founder

Hey! I’m Ahfaz, a creative professional and the founder of GridRule. When I entered the world of design, I was overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t know where to start or what to do. 

That’s the story for most of the self-taught designers. We just learn things off the Internet with no clear direction. This creates a huge gap between what you are now and what you aspire to become.

This is the reason why many designers, including me, often say things like “I wish I knew this when I started designing”.

With GridRule, I intend to bridge that gap and make design education more easy, engaging, and accessible.

Meet Your Instructors

Learn from instructors who will go above and beyond to help you become a successful creative professional.

Ahfaz Ahmed - Instructor min

Ahfaz Ahmed

Creative Professional & Founder of GridRule

Adnan Farooqui - Instructor min

Adnan Farooqui

Brand & Web Designer at Webverly